If the Internet is sooooo good – why do we work so hard these days?

I started asking myself this question: “If the internet is sooooo good – why do we work so hard these days?”


It seemed that as someone who works with entrepreneurs the world over, we are all a stressed bunch, pushing notification of boring emails to our phones and getting up at 7am on a Sunday to read them. In fact we read them when we get up in the night and at even more inopportune times, and we wonder why our lives aren’t going the way they should.

According to Knoema, who confirmed my suspicions, the USA in 1981 had GDP growth of 4.6%. The 2017 number is 2.3% (and the average is around 2.1% every year).

Even in the last ten years I personally have noticed that the average company / entrepreneur isn’t growing any faster than it was in 2007. In fact, even through we have Twilio, Clickfunnels, Google Docs, Slack and a whole bunch of other apps that all want to notify you every time someone blinks, entrepreneurs feel more stressed and work harder than even ten years ago.

It’s crazy and it has to stop.

Look, don’t get me wring. I love the internet. I can research what I want, watch Netflix, get a pizza delivered and even chat with my friends whilst at 40,000ft, but it’s not really helping my business or anyone I know grow at higher rates than we used to using a phone and shoe leather. Of course some of you will tell me – what about WhatsApp, or the next best start up that made a Billion overnight. You are right, the road to riches when you have the roll is much faster tan it was, but for the garage, print shop and business coach, not much has changed except more to learn to stay current.

Coming to grips with what I am saying… think about a restaurant. Are they making more money, working less hours, have less issues… No…it’s pretty much the same, but now Social Media is an expense, Trip Advisor can be great or suck depending on one bad meal

My message for you is that unless you are committed to chasing the next best thing, (what did happen to Myspace anyway) then maybe it’s time to get back to fundamentals. Surprise a customer by calling them. Send a personal note in snail mail, take someone out for a meal. You may just surprise them and land your biggest account ever.

Oh and one last thing that keeps me really sane. I don’t push any notifications to my phone, and especially email. People can and do wait a few hours for a considered response and if you think you are impressing me juggling your phone whilst getting your luggage off the conveyer belt. You’re not. In fact I feel sad for you. You may have even lost touch with the people that matter most.

Lastly, a variety of you will have different opinions about this. But I was out with my partner Landi in Auckland just recently and I snapped this photo of the table next door (no it wasn’t a moment in time. It went on the whole night)… ahhh global progression. Well at least our productivity must be up… mustn’t it?


Mike Handcock

Chairman Rock Your Life



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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