Trump Wins… and Hilary doesn’t see her Blindspots… a warning to all of us!

Photo from the BBC

It’s all over – Donald John Trump (Age 70), net worth $3.6B and host of ‘The Apprentice’ became – against all odds – The 45th President of the United States.

Why? – and What can we learn from this?

There are so many comments politically, like ‘You’re fired Hilary, to ‘Is he really going to build a wall across the Mexican Border, to his supposed bigotry or the fact that he’s a total cowboy. I’m not commenting on all that. It’s irrelevant. The fact is he got 26% more of the vote (276 – 218).

So How did Hilary Blow it?

This must of seemed like the All Blacks playing Ethiopia. One candidate a 30 year veteran with contacts, inside interests, a more safe bet on game play and the other candidate, a brash, outspoken man who was even a democrat for 8 years before he changed sides.

I used to like Hilary, and I felt sorry for her when Bill messed around with Monika, but her actions have polarised a nation. You can never fix one inequity of the past with another inequity. Hilary was all about Girl Power – but she in fact made being a woman like her very uncool. Whilst she won the black women vote 53% of white woman identified more with Trump that the 42% she got. Ouch… That was huge demographic she went for. She actually did more to harm women’s empowerment than good and set it back years by catapulting an outsider, arguably semi chauvinistic person into the White House.

Hubby Bill has charisma and she used to have some, but as the Presidential race went on she seemed to become more robotic, aloof and then this whole mess about cover ups and emails… well the world loves a good conspiracy Hilary.

…and then there’s Trump

Make way for The DON…

He put everyone from Season 1 winner Bill Rancic to celebrities like Gene Simmons and Cyndi Lauper through such a blood and guts battle in ‘The Apprentice’ that many stormed out and only the strongest survived, yet here is Trump himself, laughed at by his party cohorts, 60% of the USA say he’s not got the skills to be President and yet he bludgeons away for 18 months and he gets there, even when the odds were against him the day before.

There is a lot any entrepreneur reading this can learn from that. So what did he do.

  • He didn’t apologise for being Trump
  • He saw Hilary’s stance on women and used it against her. 63% of white men voted for him and just 31% for Hilary.
  • He had upset some groups so he left what was broken and focussed on what he had to make it even better. So many of us focus on our weaknesses.
  • Finally… there is something in his heart that America saw. (We knew – we talked to people on the street in the USA during 2 visits there in 2016.) Most people said: At least Trump really loves this country. Nobody was sure Hilary did.

People on the street in the USA told us that they would vote Trump as at least he was a businessman and not a politician and they figured he may be able to pull the USA out of it’s nose dive. I don’t know if he can, but Obama turned out to be a Lemon so lets hope he’s better.

and finally what can we learn from Hilary:

  • You have to watch your blindspots. You didn’t see the women shifting camp.
  • She polarised a large part of the vote – non educated white people. Look at the mid west states, they ran toward Trump.
  • She had very little Clarity – what was she really saying??? Trump at least had forceful campaign mandates that, while controversial, at least were clear.

…and one last thing. Something we have been teaching for over 10 years at Rock Your Life, my organisation. The 4 cornerstones of Entrepreneurial Genius.

  1. Clarity – To be great you must have exceptional clarity and communicate it
  2. Unique – You have to be unique and stand out
  3. Presence – You must be totally present to whats going on – on the ground around you
  4. You must ask great Questions – Obama did this and so did Trump. He questioned everything the American system had

Make sure you and your business don’t suffer the Hilary Symptom… Watch out for your Blindspots, Undercurrents and Imprints or they will come back to haunt you.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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