The 5 aspects of true Genius

We are not talking IQ here. Quite frankly that is overrated in todays world. An all rounded individual needs Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and a few other bits and bobs to be anything close to to smart.

What I have noticed however in my years of work with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders from around the world is that there are 5 aspects that makes one stand out above all others. Let’s call it the super genius ‘Rockstar’ type.

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  1. Clarity – This person has absolute black and white clarity on whats in, whats out, what they will touch and what they won’t and they are able to communicate it in such a way that the listener is also absolutely clear and can act on that clarity in whatever role they need to.
  2. ‘Innovation Jumper’ – This cool term literally means that not only are they highly innovative, which doesn’t mean regurgitating someone else’s boring stuff into something useable, they are at least three moves ahead. The best chess players aren’t thinking about their next move. They are thinking 3 + moves ahead, and the genius does so to, and they are able to innovate a market but revolutionising it. That’s more than just being disruptive, that’s being innovative. Elon Musk is definitely one of these people and Tesla is a great example of what i am talking about.
  3. Unique Ability – I call it: Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor. Meaning that they do something or are something that simply is tough to replicate. Trump has it (I know I know… but he does), so does Branson, so does Oprah, so does Buffett… and they are all very different people. The genius grabs the ‘X’ factor and rides it for all it is worth. Sometimes it’s easy… JFK had it simply by being a really great guy.
  4. 7th Sense – We call it Quantum. The 6th is intuition and lots of us have that although the system has tried to ween us off it to become ordinary. Quantum is so much more. It’s not instinct. It’s a knowing that comes immediately. They simply know. Buy… Sell… Launch… Take Stock… they just know. Yes this is a skill that can be trained. It’s a muscle like any other skill, but you will have a head start if you weren’t a product of the system. Better you be outside the norm, like Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg etc.
  5. ‘Inspiratability’ – yes another strange word. But this one is easy. It means that these people inspire everyone they meet. They jump in a cab and by the end of the ride the cabbie wants to invest or become a client or reseller. They go to a school reunion and end up with a whole new business filled with school chums. Some people just have the ability to be inspirational, and lets face it. In todays world – who wants to spend time with anyone who isn’t… no way.

So these are the 5 aspects of true genius and they can be learnt, but it takes time and you really have to want it and practice. If you don’t have these it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Plenty of people have got there with hard work. It’s just a much longer road.

Mike Handcock is the Chairman of Rock Your Life and an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

2 thoughts on “The 5 aspects of true Genius”

  1. Hey Mike – great article. Not sure if you are already doing it but I suggest you cross publish it on LinkedIn and Medium. Apparently it is no longer an issue with Google penalising for publishing in more than one place and will give you the exposure you deserve.

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