One word is all it takes

Im into week four of my sabbatical and it hasn’t been all roses. Quite frankly I found myself falling into old patterns, like doing emails, Facebooking and other equally mundane tasks. So I simply switched it all off… for days. At the same time the universe assisted by allowing me to drop and break my cell phone, taking further communication and temptation away.

At Rock Your Life we pride ourselves on bringing you up to date, cutting edge stuff to save you time in your life and business. We don’t sell solutions, you can get those anywhere. What we sell is getting to where you want to go on the superhighway, not by horse and cart.

So I have been studying product launches, edutainment, and how to understand your market. Let me give you an example.

What if you could bring what you do down to just one word. (Wouldn’t that help at Networking functions)

2015 Summit 2.001

I looked at our three principals at Rock Your Life: Dave Rogers is an ex banker and billion dollar bond trader, but thats not who he is. Landi Jac is an ex human resources professional and consultant, but that’s boring for her and I’m an ex senior manager for a financial services company and ex rockstar. That means nothing for us or you our customer. So after discussion, research, testing and measuring opinions this is what I came up with:

Dave Rogers represents Bravery – Hell he is one of the most fearless and brave people I know.

Landi Jac is all about Liberty – She liberates you from the mundane is all her advice in all circumstance

Mike Handcock – well I am all about Discovery – thats what I do for you. Ever been on a Soul Journey with me?

This one simple piece of research will change the way we write to you, the way we communicate at events and the way in which we deliver product. You will have a better experience because of it and you will learn how to do it too.

So a sabbatical can be used to update your knowledge, it can be to view things differently. In the 1980’s people had a 20 minute attention span. Now it’s 9 seconds. I guess if your still reading, I have achieved my point.

Get your business down to one word. It will liberate you.

Catch ya later – Im off to my You Tube haven now to watch some cool stuff and upload a documentary I am in.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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