Hall of Fame

At Rock Your Life we wish to acknowledge stunning members of our Circle of Excellence and have decided to do so by putting together a Hall of Fame


At Rock Your Life we wish to acknowledge stunning members of our Circle of Excellence and have decided to do so by putting together a Hall of Fame where every December the board of Rock Your Life get together and vote on our members who have been exceptional during the year. The categories one can be nominated under are:

  1. Excellence – this means they have significantly improved their business and their life. It could include revenue increases, asset increases or simply living one’s passions to the maximum and reflecting that to the world.
  2. Innovation – This means developing something that is unique, perhaps world changing, maybe green technology, perhaps sustainable, maybe disruptive technology that turns an industry on its head
  3. Contribution – This is clearly the way and manner in which this individual contributes to the world at large. How they play a bigger game, involving social contribution, charity work or work of a non profit basis.

In 2014 we are proud to induct the following people into the Rock your Life Hall of Fame.


Garry & Jo Newton (Excellence) New Zealand

What a superb year they have had, integrating new business partner Wayne Baird whom they found at  Rock Your Business, their business has grown by over 200% and the are now considered one of the most significant structural engineering companies in New Zealand, working on many large projects including rebuilding Christchurch following the 2011 earthquake. www.structuralconcepts.co.nz


Kim Davey (Excellence) USA

The winner of Entrepreneur X Factor globally 2013, Kim has gone from strength to strength building a lifestyle with her new hubby in Seattle whilst starting her expanded venture of World Class dance Tours taking kids from NZ to LA & London to meet with an learn from dance experts the likes of which work with Lady GaGa, Madonna and similar artists. Kim’s business is booming and she is in total flow. http://www.worldclassdancetours.co.nz


Paul Lyons (Innovation) Australia

Initially from the UK and based in Perth Western Australia Paul’s business www.ecocentricenergy.com.au is a techno giant in the making. paul has done a lot f work in his own personal and professional development in the past few years and now with funding by the WA government who see his brilliance the UK is calling with a variety of offers and potential on the table. Next year Paul will fly.


Shazar Robinson (Contribution) India

Shazar is a social contributor in many ways. having socially funded via crowd funding a jeep for Khmer guide Mr V, with another project to bring water to Indian villages, Shazar spend her time between Australia, Cambodia and India where she passionately leads one of the teams at Shiksham Gram orphanage in Lonavala, an awesome project in which we at Rock Your Life take a keen interest. https://www.facebook.com/shikshan.gram


Anne & Melinda Tham (Excellence) Malaysia

Voted one of the top schools now by Cambridge University these two powerhouse sisters have built a spectacular modern and cutting edge school in Kuala Lumpur. Focussing on new teaching techniques, building community as well as test scores and with a whole wing committed to building learning Apps the kids at Sri Emas are the children of the future. It’s well worth a visit if ever in  KL. www.sriemas.edu.my

There are also two very special mentions for our youngest member:


Eric Lassard (Excellence) Ireland

Eric turned 11 this year and has been an entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and board game creator, starting at age 6. Based in Dublin, Ireland this year saw Eric on large stages in Ireland, plus on the Global Internet Summit, working with the Mayor of Dublin, and other famous people, spreading his message that is equally applicable to 50 year olds as it is to teenagers and pre 10′s. www.z-ettitude.com


Phillip Silverman (Innovation & Excellence) New Zealand

Phillip has totally followed his passion as a sculptor studying in New York and in Florence in 2014 with some of the great Italian masters. He is developing his art into a business, whilst also following his other passion of weightlifting and reducing his 9 – 5 activities to pursue his dreams. If you want a bust created of yourself or a loved one – you will be blown away by what Phillip can do.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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