Personal Brand & your Business

RYPB S1 copyI’m about to embark on a series of Personal Branding workshops in South Africa, Australia & New Zealand. I decided to bring these back after five years off, as I did them the world over for two years. It got me thinking, what’s changed in Branding in five years and what the hell does that mean for the entrepreneur or career minded individual. As I did my research to update the workshop and spoke to my mentors the results were outstanding. Here are 3 things you may not know:

  1. No one gives a damn who you think you are any more – it means SQUAT… nothing. People simply know you by your online presence and privacy is ‘no-longer’ cool. People want to KNOW YOU. The real you – not the facade.
  2. Most of the world is brand conscious now. People have become drones that shop where the brands they know are. Everyone knows Coke and McDonalds are not that good for you, but people are still buying them on masse. People are still shopping where they know, even though they get no service, because they are brand familiar
  3. It’s no longer cool to be quiet. People expect you to have a ‘voice’. Steve Jobs made being a nerd on stage cool and now you can’t be an entrepreneur and not know how to speak in public.

These are just three things I found that I am sharing here. There is so much more.

So what is a Personal Brand? Here are some tips so we are on the same page and you’re not guessing:

  • A personal brand is the face of a business. It’s the personality of the business. It’s what draws you. (What would Virgin be without Branson… answer… just another airline)
  • A personal brand is you staking your ground as an expert, a person of note, a go to person, a wizard or similar. When you think of Hip Hop you think of Dr Dre, when you think of Basketball it’s Michael Jordan, and technology it’s Jobs, Gates and Zuckerburg
  • A personal brand is consistent, or else it’s not a brand. Think Michael Jackson or Boy George or Paris Hilton. It’s consistent. yet Madonna the genius found a way to reinvent constantly to meet change. That’s an art in itself.

You see the reason any entrepreneur ‘has to’ do this is straightforward. You are either memorable or you aren’t and being memorable denotes success. I’m not saying you can’t be successful with a great product and nothing more but most people aren’t. Great products, just like talented musicians, sportspeople, writers and others never get anywhere, because they don’t have a brand that’s memorable. By the way, memorable isn’t wearing a bear suit. It has to be congruent with your soul.

If you want more success in your life and business, hence more $ in your pocket then read on… 

Here are seven tips to help you be a more effective brand:

  1. Become an author, write a book that places you as an expert, or at the very least some excellent published articles
  2. Get on radio and TV. Start walking your talk and learn to be media savvy
  3. Have a consistent, concise and articulate message
  4. Create brand collateral (logos, cards, pens, caps tshirts etc) that are totally in line with who YOU are, not who you think you should be to get business
  5. Learn to speak and present
  6. Understand social media – but more importantly, understand which one is right for you
  7. Be yourself… everyone else is taken (‘an oldie but a goodie), seriously people see through fakes in 2 seconds these days

By the way. this is what I am sharing in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, plus much more. If you are interested to be better, to understand yourself more, then come along. I’ll be myself and I’ll be profound and rock your ideas… why… because that’s my brand. Click here for details (Sept – Oct 2014)



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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