13 Totally Cool People I met in 2013

So why is this post coming out on my birthday when I don’t normally work…. ha ha it’s called technology. I actually wrote this a week ago. In 2013 Dave Rogers and I went to 24 countries with Entrepreneur X Factor and other things we were doing. We reconnected with some amazing people and met some very cool new ones. Here are 13 people who stood out for me in 2013 and why. (NOTE* If your name doesn’t appear on this list I still love you, I’m just trying to help some others get profile since this blog is sooo popular)

1. Eric Lassard (Ireland) www.ericlassard.com

ImageEric was 9 & 1/2 years old when we met. He is the youngest entrepreneur on earth. he started when he was six, ditched school (I know – genius eh! – wish I had of) and wrote a book, created a board game and became a professional speaker. But – Mike – ‘what life experience has he had to tell others how to do it.’ Folks what business school is taught by people who have ever been anywhere near a business. Eric is awesome and he’s smart and his book… it’s really really good.

2. Annah Stretton (NZ) www.annahstretton.co.nz

ImageOK – so Annah is more than 9yrs old. I met her initially in 2006 but we reconnected this year. She has a wonderful fashion label called Annah S, has stores all over New Zealand and is in Australia. She is a forthright speaker who wants to build her brand (book her for your conference) and is an NZ Entrepreneur of the Year, plus she loves to give back. Her books, label and ideas are great and the network she created for women is awesome too.

3. Justin Herald (Australia) www.justinherald.com

ImageJustin is one of my best mates so it’s a little sad he’s in here… but the fact is Justin just gives and gives and gives. If you don’t own one of the 500,000+ books he has sold, or have a pair of his Intimidate sunglasses or haven’t heard him speak then in 2014, make sure you do. He’s profound, no crap and he always shows up. Not only that but he is approachable and fun as well.

4. Catherine Moolenshot (Australia)

ImageThis sassy 18yo knows her stuff. Her first book came out at age 14. She empowers youth, has been a TedX speaker and even told me she has one of my articles on the back of her toilet door (to read folks -hmmmph). She had 95% of the room vote for her in the Melbourne heat of Entrepreneur X Factor. She is a good speaker, does it from the heart and her poetry is darn good as well. Watch this one, she’s going places. (No Eric she’s a little old for you currently)

5. Justin Cohen (South Africa) www.justinpresents.com

ImageI have said for a while that South Africans are some of the best speakers in the world. Well Justin is at the top of that list. I think he is one of the best story tellers you will ever hear. He is a great guy, totally humble, doing amazing things at home and abroad and it was a privilege to have him at our event as our guest this year. He has written a few great books too and I love The Quest Justin – it was a brilliant insight into the personal development industry.

6. Omar Qureshi (India)

ImageOmar is another person I met a few years ago and reconnected with this year. Omar is Mr Bollywood and on his talkback TV show he hosts everyone who is anyone in Bollywood. I spent a great afternoon in Mumbai with Omar talking about our new film – The Reluctant Heros – and Omar was full of advice, help, and connections. Such a great human being and really very humble for all his success.

7. Kim Davey (USA/NZ)

ImageKim is such a live wire. She runs the New Zealand Dance Network and takes young dancers with big dreams to places such as Hollywood and brings in the team from Lady gaga or Beyonce to work with them and allow them to showcase their skills. An ex lawyer Kim is a go getter, living between the USA and NZ. She creates amazing attraction in a room and manages to get people on her side very quickly. Why not – Im a Kim convert.

8. Sonia Samtani (Hong Kong) www.soniasamtani.com

ImageI met Sonia in Hong Kong this year. She runs such a great image consultancy company that does very well in such a tough market. Her ability to present herself, her voice and her passion is evident immediately and she has done very well at quite a young age. very impressed by this gal.

9. Landi Jac (South Africa) www.angeles.co.za

ImageI won’t tell you the first words out of Landi’s mouth when I met her in J’Burg this year. They are priceless, as is she. I have gotten to know Landi socially and she has become a great friend in a very short space of time. She runs a sharp and focussed HR firm, is in love with her boyfriend Gerhard and dog Simon (not sure who wins that affection race) and loves life. Her spiritual side is huge and she has a take on life that is really refreshing.

10. Core Love (Mexico) www.corelove.com

ImageI love how Core is number 10. The 1 and the 0 are the binary code which cerates everything in life and that’s what Core is about. He understand the world of sacred geometry and lives it. From a cool pad in the Playa Del Carmen Core has churned out over 1 million sacred geometry posters that he has sold world wide. He helps you get balanced, attract the right stuff in and get rid of the wrong stuff. His workshops are profound. I’m interviewing him on Rock Your Life radio soon.

11. Hilary Carter (UK/France) www.hilarycarter.com

ImageI met Hilary in 2009, and I was going to leave her off this list but when I got to number 11 she just had to come in. The author of the 11:11 code, one of the most profound books I have ever read Hilary lives her life as an egoless soul. She follows the numbers and that decides her life and her experiences. Initially it was 11 for many years and now 33 keeps popping up for her. Even when I was with her for 3 days this year we saw it everywhere. She’s an inspiration. read her book.

12. Costin Ciora (Romania)

ImageCostin is a wonderful human being who seems to fit so much into his life. He is an Economics professor, MBA, runs the Bucharest Speakers Bureau and is the partner for Ozfest Romania and numerous other rock concerts. he is also a dedicated family man and a passionate educator and seeker of wisdom. We were so happy to see him on our program this year as a very special guest.



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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