What Legacy are you leaving?

Leaving a legacy

I often run sessions at various parts of the world on networking. Did you know that at any one time each of us know at least 350 people. If that is the case then each of those 350 also know 350. That means that at one step removed from where you are today, you have access to 122,500 people. Wow! Think of the opportunities.

If that is the case then think also of the Domino effect. In the book ‘The five people you meet in Heaven’ Mitch Ablom tells the story of how the main character arrives in heaven and meets someone he vaguely knew. When asking how he knew this person he was informed that as a small child he ran out of the road. A car swerved to miss him, after which is lost control and crashed killing the occupant. He had no knowledge of this during his life but in Heaven he meets the occupant who he recognised from that fleeting instant over seventy years before.

We all have critical moments. Let me explore this for you.  

Sometimes you can trace one decision that you make to literally dozens of different outcomes. The thing is that we all leave a legacy through our work, our friends our families or simply by dropping litter. More so in my travels I see people building incredible legacies and creating amazing attraction for themselves. In a recent trip to India I met Maya Shahani. (maya@shahanigroup.com) Maya is a wonderful generous lady, the chairwoman of the SAGE Foundation and Centre for Management, whose vision is to build schools for underprivileged children throughout India and to graduate them into jobs. In one meeting she created an attraction and a team that will see this project take shape. Land was donated. The very next day I met Lambert Lomelius who has already built such a school with the proceeds of his companies efforts (lambertpushparaj@diabonic.com), while in Thailand Andy Steele (andy@equitech.org) of PATT Foundation is replanting trees and has donations from as far away as New Zealand and the UK.

One of the schools assisted by Maya Shahani

All of these people want to leave a legacy to improve the planet. Its not about their ego or money, its about the future of who we are as a species and what our great great grandchildren will have. When you decide that you have had enough of the way you are, what you have been doing, which for most of us involves the 9 -5 grind and doing what we can to create wealth. When you decide it is time to do what you can for what ever you believe in, you can create miracles. You can really make an incredible difference.

Whilst people like Bill & Melinda Gates are giving away vast amounts of money in the pursuit of a better existence on earth for many of us that is not viable, however we can all create and amazing legacy. I find it incredibly inspiring when I see the way concepts can come together in the shortest space of time and when people have passion they inspire others to come on the journey for the betterment of the planet and its people. Our networks are so much bigger than we anticipate when we really look inside them and we should not consider that people in them are self serving. Even those who haven’t given before are more than likely to get involved if they are inspired. In 1927 Napoleon Hill said: “To receive you must first be prepared to give”. That statement is as true now as it was then.

We are here on this planet for such a mille-second in time, but what we do in that time can last forever. Saving one life may mean thousands of people live that never would have lived. Saving one tree could save a species or grow a future forest. Whatever you do to make a living, you can give back. Both in money or time. You too can leave an incredible legacy. 


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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