Women Entrepreneurs “Rock” Entrepreneur X Factor

from a Press Release

Three competitions so far, three women entrepreneurs emerge victorious in the first three legs of the global competition called Entrepreneur X Factor.

Kim Davey, a former barrister turned female entrepreneur won the
Napier leg this past week in New Zealand with a charismatic,
energetic, and electro magnetic “one minute pitch” for her big plans
for a global dancing business business.

Demonstrating Entrepreneurial X Factor, which is a combination of charisma, competence, enthusiasm, and inspiration, Ms. Davey won the closely contested vote in the Hawkes Bay , beating out competitors in mobile application development, structural engineering, wine making, farming services, photography, and health & wellness. She commented with a big grin that  “yes being a women” did help in the vote.

Entrepreneur X Factor is the brainchild of Auckland based Mike
Handcock and is a global competition that brings entrepreneurs
together face to face with mentors, potential investors and like
minded people who are either aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs.
The one day program includes Handcock and his Singapore based business
partner Dave Rogers along with guest experts and multi millionaire
local businesspeople who join in to share the latest technology,
current best practises in global business, and a network that spans
over 30 countries.

logo-transparent1In Auckland, inspiring “book keeping and accounting services” entrepreneur Stephanie Crawford wowed the audience with a charismatic, fun and professional one minute pitch that garnered her more than 80% of the votes. Ms Crawford’s excitement for book keeping , not only demonstrated the importance of “outsourcing” , she was able to show entrepreneurs how she can be a key support team members in building and growing your business and team. In the one day event, Handcock and Rogers illustrate the importance of leadership, collaboration, and connection in building sustainable, profitable , and FUN enterprises that think global and act local. They share cutting edge technology from their vast experience in working with successful entrepreneurs globally.

420921_10150549525151739_9073781_nEntrepreneur X Factor is its second year after a successful first yeafeaturing fifteen events throughout SE Asia, Australia, Africa, India the UK and even Eastern Europe. The first event of Season Two , Entrepreneur X Factor was held in Singapore and was won by Heather Hanson, an expat entrepreneur from Denmark. The mother of two young children, Heather captured more than 75% of the voters with her passion, joy, and beautifully articulated story about teaching and imparting practical and fun approaches to teaching english as a second language. A professional speaker and trainer, Hanson’s poise and expertise in communication saw her through to winning the Singapore leg of Entrepreneur X Factor.

Entrepreneur X Factor is the perfect place to trial your idea,
business or see if you can gain attraction or even win your local
heat. Heat winners will compete in a global final in November 2013,
and an Entrepreneur X Factor campaign that attracted over 2,000,000
reach, involved over 100 media and affiliate partners and saw
literally over 10,000 voters voting on the final.

It’s applicable for any industry, any length of term in business and
even career minded people as the technology learnt during the day
around the competition will greatly assist and fast track results.

To learn more about Entrepreneur X Factor check out
www.entrepreneurxfactor. com


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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