How to become the ROCKSTAR of your industry

In the past few years we have seen a lot of speakers and programs basing content around being a Rockstar. This is cool, because that’s what we are all about and in 2003 when Asia started calling me the Rockstar speaker (probably because of my 12 years actually playing in bands and 11 CD’s) I thought: ‘Why fight this… everyone deserves to become a rockstar in their world.’

But what are the keys to becoming a Rockstar in your industry? In this little blog you will find out the 5 top DO’s and also the top 3 DON’T’s. Plus I will give you a little insight into Rockstars and how they really do act differently.

Mike Handcock

The DO’s of being the Rockstar of your industry:

  1. You must truly define your personal brand. What do you look like? What is a one sentence statement that people attribute to you? What do you wear? What are you known for? When someone thinks of ? Do they think of you first?
  2. You need to become an author. Author comes from the word authority and if you want to be seen as the authority in your area of expertise you need to become the author. Write the book about it. If you are in the Milkshake business, then write the book on Milkshake making.
  3. Be a first choice minor celebrity. When anything happens in your field of expertise you need to be the first person the papers, journalists and radio shows think of calling. Become the minor celebrity in your niche and you will become an industry name.
  4. PR, PR, PR – Create press releases and statements on items that are topical and release them regularly to industry magazines, blogsites, tweeters and to any media that surrounds your industry. Some of them will be published.
  5. Learn to speak. Being a good or even great speaker will get you on platforms in your industry. If you cant speak or don’t have confidence join Toastmasters, or if you can already speak become great at it by doing our SAGE Program

The Don’ts of being a Rockstar:

  1. Don’t be a general practitioner. Drive your niche deep and keep it really finite. Clarity of purpose and what you stand for is power.
  2. Never compromise your value. You won’t see Slash in a suit with his hair cut doing opera, or Mick Jagger fronting a boy band. You have immense value and you need to believe in it, not morph to what one person wants. I once knocked back a $6000 fee because they wanted me to wear a suit. In the end I was hired, no suit and stood out even more.
  3. Don’t be a boring know it all. It’s Edu-tainment. Rockstars are not just brilliant players, they are unusual, intriguing, fun and off the wall. To be the rockstar of your industry you need to understand that people associate with Edu-tainment (the cross between education and entertainment) and that’s your position. Simply being the font of all knowledge is only half of it.

Finally here is a little inside information to a number of the true Rockstars I have worked with. They are:

  • A little off the wall and highly obsessed with what they do
  • Unusually creative and weirdly different in a loving way
  • Believers in their message and where they sit in the world

Making a decision, and it is a decision, to be an industry Rockstar is a commitment of six months plus to begin to see decent results and approximately two years to really own your space. You must live and breath it with a passion.



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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