Rebirthing Humanity in South Africa

It’s 2012 – the end of the world… well ever since Jose Arguilles found the Mayan Prophecies on the tomb of Pacal Votan a Mayan priest who died in 632. In 2009 we tour our Soul Journeys group to Mexico. It was the middle of swine flu – thank goodness – or else the sacred sites may have been busy. Instead they cleared beautifully and made way for us to do some great clearing and film the final scenes of the Dreamcatchers Movie.

So with 2012 looming we though we would take people to South Africa – where humanity started, because where there is an end there is a beginning, so we were rebirthing humanity.

Sacred Circle

Around 20 of us – plus some ad ons did ceremonial work at various sacred sites in Southern Africa. Bushmans Kloof, Cathedral Rock, Ascension Cave, Table Mountain and Haupt Bay were among them. We prayed, did sacred tonings to realign the earth, even joined thousands of others in a co ordinated service at the moment of the dawn on the spring equinox…. but did it ‘do anything’

There was no doubt for me that many in our group experienced rebirth, even the most travelled of them. Breakthroughs and distinctions from even our most experienced soul journeyers Carrie Eden Smith and Rino Bibbo were popping. What was abounding though was clearing rain, wind and storms that seemed to happen the day after each of these ceremonies. Dolphins came and played at appropriate times as did whales, even the lion and elephant greeting us seemed to be on cue.

Mike with Crystal Skulls

I wonder if this could be put down to our 3 day journey with one of the keepers of the crystal skulls. This amazing septuagenerian was a joy and her work is boundless with these amazing skulls. Many of the group connected around this time.

Co – Leader Dean Liprini sent me this note after the group had disbanded at Port Elizabeth airport. The note is not so much about us… but its about the spirit of rebirth. So many of us feel alone in the world and we simply should not. Rebirth and have joy in your life. Dean makes an incredible difference as the founder of the Sacred Site Foundation in South Africa and his work will be recognised way past his passing from this life. Here is a man that will truly leave a legacy.

I was still in overwhelm at the airport and still on a high from the great Love that was shared at the end of our journey.
I am especially moved and SOOO grateful to you both for the Love, Energy and Support you have and are giving me and my works, I feel a connection with you both on a deep level that I am still integrating, I have been “man alone” so to speak for a long time and feel blessed to have found real friends I can share LIFE and TIME with!

Thanks Guys may your journey be FULL of nurturance and abundance, on all levels and dimensions!

The group is returning home to all over the world as I write this. Some will change the way they live, some will integrate their learnings here but all have become transformational leaders, dreamcatchers of the future.

Next year we are visiting the Templar Knights in France and Scotland – but alas it’s all sold out, only 1 week after launch. You can go to and get on the waiting list. We already have a small list for 2014, when we will be uncovering all the Viking myths and legends.

This SA tour was so popular we have asked Dean to put together a smaller version – contact Soul Journeys and get on the list. In the mean time here are 3 actions you can take to be part of the transformation.

  1. Become a leader by coaching others to focus on the positive and wipe all negative thoughts
  2. Become a social and spiritual entrepreneur. Don’t wait til 65 to give back. Do it now.
  3. Go on a journey of the soul and return to self. This is a sacred place to truly work on you.

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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