Kate McPherson – Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor Global Winner

What was just an idea on 16 February took us to 15 countries by June 9, engaged over 2,000,000 people, had 107 partners and nearly 10,000 votes in the final – became the stepping stone for one amazing individual who stood out from some simply awesome entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor was a very special tour. We were joined by several Billionaires, Multi Millionaires and brilliant Global SAGE’s sharing information on entrepreneurship from Perth to Prague. Yet in the final which you can listen to here:


we uncovered the secrets to what did and didn’t create X factor around the world… and one entrepreneur was voted the number one in the world in 2012. After a strong competition from David Kirs (a simply brilliant internet marketer from Prague) and Siddhartha Rajsekar (an amazingly gifted musician who runs a social media business in Bangalore) the stand out winner was Kate McPherson the owner of Belicious from Singapore.

Kate McPherson X Factor Winner 2012

Reared on the beaches of Sydney, but a global citizen from the age of 19, when she first upped-sticks and moved to London, Kate McPherson became a global citizen. Kate first started cutting hair and modelling in London, eventually returning to work in one of Sydney’s most prestigious salons. During this time she also mentored and taught tertiary students and designed her first range of clothing – it was the 90s, so she has conveniently lost those patterns…

It was an international role in a large corporate company that brought Kate to Singapore in 1999.  Here, she met her amazing and supportive husband, John and has had the privilege to become a Mother to Alexander (11) and Olivia (9).  Singapore is where the family now call home.

In 2008 she decided to pursue her passion of fashion (and visiting some of the best resorts in the world…) and started Belicious Swimwear. Kate believes that “Being Belicious is about celebrating the beautiful curves of today’s modern women. I’m driven by the belief that women can feel sexy and confident when they often feel their most vulnerable – at the beach or pool – with amazing swimwear that fits, flatters and allows you to flaunt is an important first step.”

What inspires Kate to design….?

“We always start by imagining a Belicious woman on vacation.  Where is she going? What is she going to do?  From here we join her on her journey.  We lay beside the pool, run on the beach, chase the kids, laugh, and love, drink a cocktail, marvel at a sunset & travel to see the amazing sights around her.

The journey is always filled with amazing colours and textures – they surround her – the sand, sea, vivid flora and fauna and the incredible sights and sounds as she is overcome by a new culture.  These experiences inspire us to create bikinis, tankinis and amazing resortwear that make her glow as she progresses through her journey.”

Belicious Swimwear (www.Belicious.Me) is defined by its progressive cut, styling & the use of the very best fabrics. Sizes 8-18

The singular design goal is to give every woman that feeling of being totally Belicious!

“My belief is ‘style is not a number, it’s an attitude.”

Congratulations to all who joined us on the tour in 2012. To see a full list of the winners go to: http://entrepreneurxfactor.com

X Factor Prague

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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