Which Entrepreneur has ‘X’ Factor

We now have fourteen amazing Global Entrepreneurs playing off in the X Factor final on July 13.

To cast your vote for your favorite go to:


Josh Williams from Perth makes corporate videos for your website that get you sales. He says ‘

http://myvids.com.au/ 1300 780 670 We’re a small team passionate about Web Video Marketing and our aim is to be Remarkable in everything we do. Our focus is to create Remarkable Results for our clients with web video!
Company Overview
Produced over 400 videos for companies to market themselves online more effectively on their websites, via email and also social media.’
Alan Jackson from Sydney has made taxation simple for the average Australian. He says he is  here To Simplify Tax for the Everyday Aussie to Understand .http://www.mytaxbook.com.au/
Kate McPherson from Singapore is revolutionizing clothing and swimwear for women sizes 8 – 18. Belicious Swimwear (www.Belicious.Me) delivers the highest quality swimwear and resortwear to meet the curves and desires of the modern woman, sizes AUS8-18. Designed by Australian Kate McPherson and distributed globally, Belicious Swimwear is defined by progressive cut and styling, the very best materials and unique service.
Kate McPherson of Belicious
Siddhartha Rajsekar is an internet whizz from Bangalore.Siddharth Rajsekar helps companies build their traffic, sales and profits online.As a leading Internet marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer and speaker, Sidz has helped many companies to increase the traffic to their sites, to build their social media presence and impact, and to improve their website conversion.
Umesh Pherwani is a Bollywood star. Umesh says; ‘I started my professional career as a lead actor on television in a very popular sitcom “Family no 1” on Sony tv.from there I also started doing TV commercials and ad films ,I got an opportunity to work with an  international airlines as a cabin crew  and for 11 years I flew all across the world. In 2005, I wrote a motivational self help book titled “Are you out of your mind” which was published by Blue apple books and the first edition was sold out. ‘
Tumiso Tsukudu a man on a mission
Ben Kruger was South Africa’s number one TV star. Ben has this to say about SA. ‘Recently I decided to broaden my horizons and move beyond the borders of my beloved country. To this end I am writing a musical. It is intended to be a huge stage musical with big sets, big songs and a big budget. I am looking for collaborators on this project. My wish is to inspire the youth of the Rainbow Nation to great things. To make them understand that all they need to achieve greatness is within themselves. Sadly too many of our most talented and brightest young people have lost faith in the dream and are moving away, to other countries. I wish for them to understand how great this country can be!’
JohnHunt from Durban has started over 50 companies and is a highly successful entrepreneur. His new venture ‘Eyes and Ears’ brings security monitoring into the socially responsible realm as it only hires disabled people to watch your home and business and call the on ground team if there are any problems.

Tumiso Tsukudu is a modern day Florence Nightingale. From Cape Town his business is to create Prosthetics for the poor so the disfigured poor people can live with dignity in society.

Caroline Smith is one of the UK’s leading photographers of horses. Caroline’s life-long love of horses both as an experienced competition rider and trainer connects her with the horse. This, coupled with her signature style of capturing beauty and authenticity, results in encapsulating the very essence of natural expression in the animal for it’s owners keepsake.

Melania Berja from Bucharest Romania is successful in advertising, yet she has a bigger vision:

‘I would very much like to build a center for persons with disabilities in which they can interact with animals, more precisely with horses so that they improve their psycho and motric equilibrium.

The hippo therapy consists in therapeutic horseback riding and taking care of these animals. At the first glance everything seems quite simple: “taking a walk on a horseback”. The reality is that this kind of therapy takes a lot of effort and knowledge because during this process everything is on the move, and in order to get results it takes a lot of experience from the therapist (hippo therapist)’

Adam Svejkovsky – X Factor Entrepreneur from Prague

David Kirs is from Prague. He is the leading internet marketer in Czech. He has this to share:

‘I founded my own company – SmartEmailing.cz – within which I apply all the approaches and methods that I teach. And the company teaches me. To have your own business is just great. And now I feel it is the time to step over the border of the Czech Republic. I am a visionary, not an exemplary executive director. I know my talents and I work on them. And I know my weaknesses and my coworkers work on these. When I manage things, I prefer the most effective and automatic ways that are possible and make sense.’

and finally

Adam Svejkovsky also from Prague is a man with a vision to allow everyone to have a dream life.

‘I do truly and unconditionally believe that NOW is the time to make it happen for ALL of us. Each of us have great potential to manifest our dreams, wisely use free will and utilize our enormous creative energy. Once we connect to share the resources and information, ‘miracles’ can easily happen. I can see amazing projects such as ‘Shelter for all‘ or ‘Food for all‘ turn into reality within couple years very easily. The key element to make this happen is environment where this is possible. That is what we have been creating with REALSTEW and Dream Life for All. This is my purpose and my destiny. This is what gets me up every morning no matter what. This is my reason to live and to do whatever I do.’

Who are YOU going to vote for?



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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