Ernest Hemingway – (Quantum World Tour – Week 12)

This is the final post on the ‘X Factor Tour. Thanks for reading. The last 2 weeks of the tour saw me performing in Oslo for the first time. This is a beautiful city with an amazing group of people that live there, in fact I was blown away as it was the first time I got a standing ovation simply by being introduced.
The women here were among some of the most beautiful of any city I have been to in the world, however what struck me most was cost of living was crazy.
With a beer about 12 bucks and a cab costing$10 at flag fall I decided to be a little low key in Oslo
From Oslo I went to Corfu for what was to be a week, then turned into 9 days then 15. My room with a view over the pool and ocean was sensational but it was the people that made it, from Alex my stunning barmaid and nighttime friend to the owner  of Akti Aphrodite , Erica a seeker of ancient wisdom and beautiful soul, no wonder the place was called alto Aphrodite. Then there was Cliff and Karen and Ian and Jacqui and of course Holly who ran the bar by the pool.
YOU HAVE TO REWARD YOURSELF when you finish a project and this was my reward from me to me.
Most of the guest were Brits in their 5os and 60s but I befriended them and they befriended me. A few years back when I was in Cuba I visited the bar where Hemingway resided. Every night he held court there, drink himself sober and regayled his stories,. On night 7 I said to Cliff & Karen  “OMG I’ve become Hemingway“. They laughed. Every afternoon from 2- 7 I wrote on my balcony, creating my 2 new books and screenplay. I overlooked the pool so everyone, and I mean everyone knew what I was up to, they had a vested interest ” is he creative today?” “how many words?” etc etc. the while place was routing for me and in the evenings I would come down, drink, share stories and make wonderful new friends.
I had my own stool at the bar, where I could interact with everyone, plus my daily mojito. This was the closet I have come to routine for quite some time and I enjoyed it. There is something to be said for a charming routine.
View from my room at Akti Aphrodite
We also decided this place Akti Aphrodite in Sidari in Corfu, was as close as we could create our own Fawlty Towers. We had all the characters pinned down including a few special ‘ring ins’. George our friendly waiter Cliff said had to be Manual, but I loved Dr Love, our nightly drinking Doctor who was so taken by Alex that when she cut her finger he literally sprinted to his surgery to get his kit. (Cliff said I have to have the Aphprodie script out by next year) Seriously, if you are in Europe and looking for a cost effective amazing place, this is it. I am booking again in 2013.
A fitting end to my 12 weeks tour and I can’t wait to report on the final of Entrepreneur ‘X ‘ Factor. Go to for more details. It’s been an incredible time with so many to thank I just couldn’t do it all. Thank you everyone, over 130 people contributing to making this a wonderful Rock Your Life success.
  1. My view from my room
  2. The people, all of them in Greece – just beautiful and wow
  3. Greek food – Im an addict I love it


  1. Going home
  2. Not being able to share this beautiful place with everyone who made X factor possible


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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