Reconnection – (Quantum World Tour – Week 10)

Week 10 found us in the UK, and it was a week of reconnection. The list was long. From Sian Bennett a good friend from New Zealand, to Lidia Bonner, my ex PA from ten years ago – now a senior auditor with Barclays bank, Mike Southon the Beermat Entrepreneur, Michelle Clarke and Debra Magdalene great friends and supporters from Manchester to Hilary Carter – author of the 11:11 code  and our co host of the 2009 Mayan Prophecy tour.

Dave Rogers & Hilary Carter in Exeter

How long has it been since you reconnected with people that have meant a lot in your life?

What excuses have you used to not even drop a quick note or Facebook to say hello?

What effort have you made when traveling to go a little out of your way and reconnect?

Due to a schedule change, which was a bit of a pain in the bum, we found we had a day free in London. Neither Dave Rogers or I are huge London fans, we have been there enough, so when Hilary contacted us we decided to get up at 6am and catch the 7am train to Exeter to meet her for a day of seeing the old city. What an extraordinary day, which led to a very special event the week following at the transit of Venus on 6 June. It was wonderful to share laughter, hugs, energy and sacred ancient wisdom in the beautiful city of Exeter. We could have easily made an excuse and just stayed in London.

Alos for 10GPB extra we traveled to Preston the next day on Virgin Trains. You have to hand it to Richard Branson – first class lounge at Euston with all the treats, great wifi on board so I was able to do 2 hrs work, champagne and good snacks and a gorgeous seat with great views… all for 10GBP extra.

So different to the experience with British Airways in Manchester of – ‘Oh my god go away customer you are making me work’ and basically we don’t care. In fact the gate for the flight was announced only 5 mins before departure causing a rush and having staff abusing patrons who were simply confused.

What I learn when I reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a while is that whilst a lot changes, everything is always the same. The beauty of a friendship can last years before it loses any glow. I hadn’t seen Hilary in almost 3 years yet, here we were sharing genuine love and our inner most thoughts in the first ten minutes.

Some of our Manchester group

Who do you need to reconnect with today?


  1. The day in Exeter with Hilary
  2. A gorgeous time filming and chilling out in Hyde Park on a wonderful sunny day
  3. Reconnection with many of our UK friends
  4. The service at the Pines Hotel in Chorley – Nick the manager and his team were superb


  1. The margaritas at the Mexican place in Bayswater Rd Notting Hill – had to send them back twice
  2. Rude and ignorant staff at British Airways

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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