Friendship (Quantum World Tour – Week 6)

How much do you value your friends? When was the last time you told them? Where does friendship sit in your values? It’s week 6 of the Quantum World Tour and I was in Perth for most of it and then Adelaide. For those of you that don’t know I was basically orphaned at 15 and lived with my best friends family until I just turned 18. Since then I have been out on my own. I have a saying that all my friends know: ‘My Friends are My Family’.

Last week I wrote about dying and the feeling of emptiness at the moment of considering death. On Friday night I arrived in Perth, picked up at the airport by the amazing Holly Rutter of Holly’s Stables. Now she wouldn’t have me stay in a hotel even if I wanted to. In fact I found it hard to contribute in any way to the Rutter household, simply because they are such amazing hosts. They cooked for me, wouldn’t let me help at all and made me feel like part of the family. Dinner with Jayde Harding whom I have known since she was 1 year old was amazing. Wow – so cool. So much love.

On Wednesday my business partner and great buddy Dave Rogers arrived in Adelaide and we had an amazing dinner organized by Shazar Robinson, Sahaja & Harley Springer at the Greenhouse – where they possibly have the smallest beer glasses in the world. Even the barman stopped yapping when I was making jokes about getting a thinner glass to get one more drop of beer in it. Along with Dave and Holly, and organized by another friend Michelle Lewis – we ventured an hour north of Perth to have an amazing one hour healing session with Moira – that’s all she calls herself – an incredible Shaman (or is it Shawoman). In the healing I wanted to clear sadness, and it worked Moira – I have been laughing heaps since (especially at Dave grunting like a pig during his healing session)

Dave Rogers – Moira – Mike Handcock

Justin Herald, Australian International Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 arrived on Thursday and what an amazing time we have had since then. Justin and I are always mistaken for brothers and I love him dearly. He said to the audience on two occasions; “I would do anything for Mike Handcock” and Justin… ‘I know you would’ – Right back at ya.

Mike Handcock, Justin Herald & Todd Hutchinson

Our event on the Friday was superb – what a way to start the X Factor Quantum World Tour. The Audience was alive and stayed at the drinks session until well after 10pm. Whoa…. when no one wants to rush away you know you have made new friends.

Saturday and Sunday – Dave and I headed to Adelaide. To save tears at the airport leaving our friend Holly we ‘NAYED’ like horses and all laughed heaps as people were thinking ‘WTF’. Helping our friend Xenia Ioannou out with her Wealth Zone conference Dave & I gave everything we had. I was really happy to be of extra assistance when one of her speakers rung her 30 mins before he was due to go on stage and said he wasn’t coming – and he’s from Sydney (totally unprofessional SC) – so anyway that gave me an opportunity to really help Xenia and really play with the audience. We had a lot of fun and learnings on both sides.

Dave Rogers has the X factor

The weekend finished with a dinner organized by the wonderful Carmel Cotis of Maid of Honour, for Dave and myself and we got to catch up with our clients Vince Santucci, Cheryl Ross and the wonderful Sally and Tyson of Twisted Connector. What a stunning week of fun, engagement, fulfillment and friends.

Sally, Tyson, Dave, Vince, Cheryl, Mike, Carmel


  1. All the amazing friends we were surrounded with and the laughs had as we made a difference to hundreds of lives
  2. Dave & I recording each other snoring and then denying we did it
  3. Smooth and simple flights, hotels and transitions
  4. Our healing session with Moira


  1. My lack of belief that another professional speaker could be so unprofessional
  2. Leaving wonderful people, when you really want more time.

This week it’s Melbourne and then onto Kuala Lumpur for Rock Your Business


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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