Dying – (Quantum World Tour – Week 5)

This week I had a profound but strange dream. In December last year a good friend of mine died. In the dream I was at dinner with her husband and herself. I could taste the wine and I gave her a huge hug because the meal she cooked was excellent. Then I started to realize she was dead, so I asked her: ‘Aren’t you dead’. She replied she was and started to fade in front of my eyes in the dream. I awoke immediately and had a strong sense that I would die that day. Three of my friends skyped me and asked if I was OK. I was putting out signals everywhere.

You see, the thing is I don’t find this strange. I believe we have all had times where we wonder if our number is up. This time it lasted 24 hrs for me. Then I was back to ‘I have too much to achieve still to head off this early’. It’s ok to feel like that. In a way it’s a panic attack and mine came from overwhelm of how much I had to do, how much I rely on others doing what they say they will do and how little people really do what they say they are going to do, leaving one high and dry. That’s the normal way life is and it’s ok to be like that.

I then found a fabulous App that Facebook has called ‘WhatifIdie‘ This App, allows you to put outa message after you die and for your friends to be told of your doom… actually pretty cool.

The fact is that we die around 26,000 times each day. That split second between breathing out and in we are technically dead. For me this was a wonderful week of connecting with old and relatively new friends in Melbourne (where I grew up) and Perth. Connecting with old friends is almost like some form of completion and it serves the soul. When was the last time you connected with some people you loved like anything but have been too busy or too stubborn to connect with? Do it – connect with 2 of them this week.


  • Spending a few days at my friend Loges house, using that a base in Melbourne. We lived together from 15 – 17.
  • Interviewing Josh Willliams of www.myvids.com.au and learning about video in internet sales
  • Spending a few days at Holly Rutters house in Perth and feeling part of the family, plus riding her horse
  • Getting to the airport in the nick of the, not realizing my flight was moved forward three hours – phew


  • Catching Public Transport in Melbourne…in fact in any city its a drag
  • Struggling for numbers for the Australian events while the rest of the world starts to book up. (Come on Aussie)
  • Getting a new phone on insurance and not being able to get it working for three days (still communication issues)
Riding Holly's horse Winston

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

2 thoughts on “Dying – (Quantum World Tour – Week 5)”

  1. Great post Mike. loved it.. cool app.. not sure I will use that one though. Interesting though in the past few weeks I have been doing that.. looking at choices and making choices that relate to what is really valuable rather than what I think I ‘should’ do in that moment. because I don’t know when I will leave. and for that reason let me tell you now – just in case I don’t have another opportunity – .. I love you Mike.. you are a very special person to me. Thank you for your generosity and being there for me.

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