Integrity – (Quantum Business School World Tour week 1)

So, I thought I would jot a few notes every Sunday for about 10 weeks, to keep a record of whats going on and what I am feeling about the world. WHY?

Well the reason is that on Sunday 18 March I left home for 3 months on the Quantum Business School X Factor World Tour a journey that will take me to some pretty fascinating places and experiences over a minimum of 10 countries. We are filming part of this also for a DVD on ‘The A-Z of starting a business – Applied Learning’ where we will show exactly what we did to take the idea of the tour to a business in just four weeks. Each week I will also post some weekly highlights and lowlights as part of this blog – (remember life isn’t always fandiddlyastic)

IDEA – a world tour of at least four continents to release stunning new material, re-connect with wonderful people who are part of us, set up possibilities of licensing our brand into many centers, find some incredible entrepreneurs who may lead us to amazing opportunities and to have a great deal of fun doing it)

BRAND The X factor Quantum Business School. For years we have taught quantum theories and getting there fast, so bringing everything down to one solid day that extracts teh X factor from the room in a fun, engaging and profound way with lots of very special guests.

TEAM – Myself and Dave Rogers on the road, supported by Naadia Jackson-Amiga and Diana Marinescu in NZ, Sally Curtis in Australia, Debra Magdalene in the UK and Maya Shahani in India. There will also be over 20 volunteers who will become part of the team and crew running the various locations around the world.

PARTNERS – We are aiming for over 100 marketing partners for the tour. As at today at the end of week one (with the tour events starting in 4 weeks) we have 63, so are well on track. These 63 partners already are giving us exposure to well in excess of 500,000 around the world.

Week 1 (18 – 25 March) This week I was in Singapore until Friday morning and have been in Bangkok since then. Back to back 15hr days this week with meetings, intermingled with coaching all focussed on business development, potential partners and opportunities for the brand that Dave Rogers has superbly manifested using good old ‘get out of the comfort zone’ stuff.


  • Meeting with a variety of Techpreneurs and assessing opportunities for JV’s and partnerships
  • ‘More than just Lunch’ business networking at El Toro, the wonderful restaurant of Joy Mahubani in Singapore, and meeting there awesome individuals such as the stunning Claudia from Austria, the amazing Elsie Sim and brilliant Vanessa Tan
  • Attending some of the great networking people and meeting people such as David Ng the founder of Linksys and some simply incredible young entrepreneurs from Singapore
  • Sharing Dave’s birthday in Singapore and partying into the night with weird drinks like ‘3 little pigs’
  • Joining Graeme Clegg chairman of New Image at the Rose Garden in Bangkok as one of his groomsmen for his wedding, wow, what an experience that was, dressed in full traditional Thai clothes, led by elephants, carrying the dowry, and listening to the hypnotic chants of the 9 monks during the ceremony
  • Catching up with my good buddy and mentor Paul Dunn and finding out Buy 1 Give 1 has now topped 10,000,000 givings since it’s inception five years ago. Well done Paul & Masami


  • Finding out that my beautiful ex girlfriend has moved on with someone she had less than complimentary things to say about, having a romance in a country where we were meant holidaying just 10 weeks ago (before she cancelled)… ow that really hurt and reminded me of unconditional love – only ever promised it twice and now engaging it
  • Watching the absolute poor service and pretty much abuse from a Jetstar employee on Dave Rogers at Singapore airport. Some people are calling them Jokestar

Coming Up This week Im in Malaysia for Awaken The Dreamer Symposium, an event on Tuesday and in the Philippines later in the week looking at business opportunities and partnerships. Diana and teh team are working hard on venues and partnerships and this week the marketing machine goes into full gear.

Dave's first Guiness ever - on his birthday

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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