Social Media Award Winners 2011

In 2010 we had the inaugural Rock Your Life Social Media awards. In 2011 we have had some wonderful new entrants and nominations and definitely some of the 2010 people revisiting.  This year it’s been a bit of an award scoop in fact and I want to acknowledge someone who has built their brand tremendously in 2011, who has literally been everywhere, a champion for their cause and just helping so many people.

In fact in 2011 they have won the following awards:

Best You Tube Content

Most interesting content

Most prolific social media person

and was the founder of the winner of Best Fan Site

Congratulations to Matthias Gelber. Born in Germany and living in Malaysia where Matthias is known as ‘the green man’ he is committed to sustainability, greening your environment, producing non toxic waste from business and his own pet project – green building materials. Matthias has been a speaker and SAGE at Rock Your Business in Malaysia & Singapore this year and has been heralded on Magazne Covers and by government and royalty in the Philippines and Malaysia for his efforts. In addition he is one of the featured luminaries in Emily Gowor’s Transformational Leaders book released in July 2011.  Well done Matthias:

Matthias in Green strutting at Rock Your Business

Best Tweeter

The lady who won this award never believed anyone would vote for her. Lena Lim is a social media expert based also in Malaysia. She is an expert at setting up and managing social media and web based content for your enterprise. Her tweets are interesting and profound. Lena would be a huge benefit to any business that wants to raise their profile globally via Social Media.

Best Blog

Last years winner – the word artist Emily Gowor has again stormed home in this catagory. A brilliant and profound sharer of the truth Emily has again been a regular and intensive blogger sharing her wisdom from the journeys she has had and people she has met. If you are looking for profound content and writing then you should probably speak to Emily and get her writing for you.

Best Blogs 2011 - Emily Gowor

Best Fan Site

Eco-warriors Malaysia was started by Matthias Gelber a few years ago and has grown to over 3,000 members. Every few weekend the team jumps off cyberspace to go planting trees in the peat marshes near Kuala Lumpur. This group not only shares wisdom and community on line but takes it off line where they make a real difference. Congratulations Ecowarrior team. Hopefully your win will inspire others in their home cities to assist the environment.

Social Media Celebrity 2011

The most tightly contested catagory in 2011 was the overall social media celebrity, with only 5 votes seperating first and second and ten between the top four. Congratulations go to a man who is always top of all social media especially his tweets and facebook posts. For the second year running our winner is the founder o of Triumphant Events and best selling author Daniel Preistley.

Daniel Priestley

In some tightly fought competitions some catagories came down to a matter of a few votes. In recognition, the 2011 runners up are:

Best You Tube:  Glen Levy (The most dangerous man on the planet)

Most Interesting Content: Dave Rogers (Asia’s leading entrepreneur coach)

Most Prolific: Leila Benelli (Champion for ADHD and Radio DJ)

Best Tweeter: Anna Gervai (Orchid Web Design)

Best Fan Site: XL Results Foundation

Best Blog: Clayton Johnston

Social Media Celebrity: Roger James Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics)



Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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