Dean Liprini – Pathways to the Sun

Dave Rogers read this marvellous book by South African Dean Liprini a few years back, and when were were in Capetown on March 22 (Dave’s birthday) we climbed Table Mountain with Dean to do an incredible Sunrise Ceremony. So what is ‘Pathways to the Sun’

Dean has spent twenty years studying the sacred geometry of Africa, and in particular Table Mountain. When we climbed to the Ascension Cave with him later that day it became obvious. A sacred light grid surrounds table mountain – a network of sacred springs, caves and geometrically aligned marker stones. In fact when you realise it, you can see much of the mountain has been carved to honour the sun.

Who did this? What message were they sending us?

Afterwards I did my research, like I always do and found that the sites Dean was showing us were key sites on the Becker-Hagen Grid, the secret ley lines that connect ancient sites all around the world.

You see there is much that you and I take for granted that we should not. Civilisation is not 5,000 years old. Baloney, who ever teaches that needs to get their facts straight. Did you know for example that the mirror site of Giza (the great pyramids) is Angkor Wat. (Cambodia). These two places are 72 degrees distant from each other, and triangulating them at 104 degrees from each is Easter Island and the magical statues of Rapu Nui. 72 & 104, are both precessional numbers, profound in tracking the precession of the equinoxs and earths wobble. So ancient sites are linked in a way we would find hard to do, but back to Table Mountain.

Dean took us to a cave where humans had lived and performed burial rites up to 100,000 years ago. As I walked into the cave and observed Dean do a very ancient ceremony (which he said just felt right) for Dave’s birthday, I seemed to go back in time and saw a line of people shabbily dressed in furs signalling a three fingered signal to Dean. Later I read his book ‘Pathways to the Sun’ and found the same sign in the book. It’s a very ancient sign still used today by shaman and means ‘faith, hope and truth’

Dean took us to the statue of Nefretiti, apparantly a natural rock (yeah right) and to some of the gateways that activate during the various equinox’s. Included in this was the very resonant singing rock. Fascinating, and most certainly in F#.

Following the tour Dave and I decided that in 2012, we would return to the birth place of humanity. While everyone else is waiting for the end of the world and heading to the Mayan Kingdoms to embrace it, we will rebirth humanity, with our special guest guide Dean Liprini, in southern africa. This means not only the majestically sculptured table mountain, but many of the ancient sites where humans lived 150,000 years ago, plus integrating with the giant energy spots on the grid and of course Africa’s amazing animals, including getting to see the whale migration, one of the most amazing sites on earth.

Not doing much in September 2012 yet, join us for the experience of your lifetime…. wow. I cannot wait.

Email us at if you would like some information.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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