Breathe – The 9 Celestine Insights

Are you spiritual? That used to be such a no-no word. A couple of years ago I looked it up. The word spirit, literally means breath. So I guess we are all spiritual. Tyler Tolman recently posted the same information on Facebook.

You may wonder what breath has to do with the nine insights of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, but I can tell you that in our recently finished Spirit of the Inca’s tour, where Dave Rogers and I led a group from seven different countries through Peru & Bolivia, breath was something most of us learned to appreciate.

Located about 10,000ft up in the Andes we danced between Cusco, Macchu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and La Paz. Where ever we went there seemed to be steps and more steps, never going down, always up. The air up here is remarkably thin and low on oxygen. I thought I was a little unfit, but compared to many I was gliding up those hills, although everytime I stopped I wasn’t breathing hard, I was gasping trying to get some oxygen from the air. A number of us commented how we sometimes woke in the middle of the night gasping for air, and most of the group sucked on an oxygen cylinder at least once.

Back to breathing soon.

In 1995 I was in Peru. Redfields book had just come out, and the reaction I recieved in Peru was fascinating. Everything from non belief to fear to anger, depending on whom I asked. It made our 2011 trip the perfect platform to allocate a day to each insight. I would recommend you take the next 9 days and see if you can allocate a day per insight and just journal what pops up for you.

1. Meaningful coincidences.

Look for the message in the coincidence. The book said when we see doubles of people we know (dopplegangers) that the double has a message for us. My first night in Lima I met a doppleganger of a very good friend. When I asked her what the message was, she said nothing and then got really upset with someone else because she didn’t listen. It reminded me to never get angry at someone and decide what it is they said. Always seek clarity and not just guess. – good start to my insights.
2. Historical Perspective
History is ‘his-story’. What we know of the past is what someone has chosen to tell us. Many of the group became angry at the spanish conquistadors, for tearing down inca temples and building churches on them. What I know from years of study is temples are built on temples. Solomons temple became Herod’s temple, which became the jerusalem Temple and is now the Muslim temple ‘the dome of the rock‘. Be aware of the story behind the story you are being told.
Stones were stolen from Sacsayhauman to build a church
3. Subtle Energy
This is a fun way to see beauty in everything, and auras of trees, people and from this you can scan their energy, check for ill health, intention and many other aspects. One of our group, Harley, volunteered on the top of Ollyantambo and on using the technique of squinting our eyes and blurring our vision many of the group were able to see his aura, some seeing an aura for the first time ever.
4. Competition for energy
People compete for your energy. We play out four major dramas in order to steal energy from others. We interrogate people, intimidate people, are aloof or say ‘poor me’ stories. We have been sucked into many of these dramas, even our parents ones for too long. Don’t give them energy and they cannot exist. To prove a competition for energy our meeting room ended up between two train lines in a beautiful place at the base of Macchu Picchu. We can’t overtalk a train, and the trains always came when we were talking about competition for energy. The group saw that as a meaningful coincidence.
5. The fifth insight is energy is abundant. The most abundant energy is pure love. Spend time with your pet when you feel low, or a giggly child, it’s hard to stay down. We don’t need to compete for energy. We don’t need to suck someone dry. If we tap into universal energy from trees, the air, oceans etc we use a very small amount and we always have abundant energy. The beauty of Macchu Picchu proved this. After a days climbing at high altitudes the group was not the least bit tired over dinner. In fact they were very lively.
Over 60 and doing it easy
6. Getting Clear
Getting clear is about letting go of your own dramas and patterns that have held you back. Stop being an aloof, poor me, intimidator or interrogator to steal energy. Don’t feed others dramas. Focus on clarity, beauty and love. Gillian from the group hadn’t expected the physical and emotional reaction she had to Ollymantambo, yet after she knew she had been there in a past life, she had no need to hang onto the old emotions. She acknowledged them, thanked them and became present. Being present is a great way to get clear.
7. Intuition
Watch for meaningful coincidences and allow your heart to guide you. Both Dave and I intuited that our sunrise ceremony in Puno needed to be by the lake, on the floating wharf. The result was an incredible and memorable ceremony, with the sun warming all and many being able to see the rainbow bridge (the suns rainbow connecting to you) for the first time in their lives (self included). Intuition is the 6th sense and one most of us need to use so much more.
8. Relating to Others
Have you ever been addicted to another human being? I know I have. It’s repulsive for them and creates no attraction for you, with any of your friends or family. Your focus cuts the love. Everyone has a message that you can learn from and the connection with others in meaningful ways ensures they get it. On leaving the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, the local Armana women sang a song to us. Not one of their songs, but twinkle twinkle little star, and finished with ‘Asta La Vista Baby’. We all laughed joyously, but we got that they had connected with us in a way we would never forget.
At the floating islands
9. Conscious Evolution
The Mayans left the planet in a rapture. In the last 25 years we have developed more spiritually than ever before. It’s ok now even for men to hug and cry and show emotion. That never happened in the 1980’s. We can communicate now more deeply than ever before. Stop worrying about the mortgage, the business, your new car. the future is about less work and about more relationship with mother earth (Pachemama). It’s also about communication and connection between us, and acceptance of race, colour, creed like never before.
There is a tenth insight, and thats all about holding the vision. In other words not allowing dramas to get in the way. At Macchu Picchu we were in an area about to do a vibrational exercise. A tour guide came and competed for energy saying we couldn’t do that there, as he wanted to bring his group. So we accepted and moved – 20 metres. The result as the group did it’s vibrational exercise was a dynamic blue orb formed and floated between us. We held the vision. Can you?
Hello Orb!
When you have to focus on your breath, you notice yourself breathing. Everything else becomes secondary. When you do this you slow down. You see beauty you have never seen before. You see the energy of people and things. You listen and use all your senses, even intuition more capably. You realise that time is measurable and that you are part of one giant life – mother earth and that you have a part to play that you will do so much better from that time on.

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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