Where does the time go?

Einstein said: ‘Time is like a river running over stones, sometimes it flows fast, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it even stops – but it is never constant”

It occurred to me the other day when I was on a SKYPE call that something weird happens on SKYPE. Here I am chatting with my client and then the system breaks down and in the middle of the sentence I hear them say:

‘So can you help me with..with…with…with…with…with’ and after a pause of around 5 seconds they finish. I say ‘Sure I can’ but at the same time I am thinking – so they just burbled for at least 5 whole seconds (a life time over a call) and I then replied in my real time yet they experienced no lag. So if they were speaking in real time and I answered immediately in real time then where did the 5 seconds come from and how come it was real for me and not them?

I’m sure you have had a similar experience and mostly you know theye is a delay, but when there isn’t one what do you do? Do you realise that time just skipped a beat?

Time of course does skip beats regularly….and it speeds up and slows down. Go on a first date with the love of your life and you will experience time moving so slowly that you can be aware of every nuance. If you are in an airline queue, read a magazine and if it’s interesting time will seem to mysteriously speed up. So how do you control time?

The answer is in FLOW. Let me explain it to you with some rationality.

When you watch a film at the theatre, the average speed of the film is 64FPS. To you it looks like normal speed, so your brain is processing at 64FPS. If they doubled the speed of the film to 128FPS you would see slow motion.

When a person is in flow, like a fabulous sportsperson such as David Beckham, he or she is processing faster than normal. Let’s assume their opponent who is coming to get the ball is processing normally at 64FPS, but they are processing at 128FPS, then our sportsperson is seeing the tackle coming in slow motion. They can think, make a decision and easily dodge the tackle and to us its seems the blink of an eye. Now obviously they need skills and all the rest of the package, but this is literally what happens with their brain. They turn up the processing power.

For you to get in flow and slow time down, you need to turn up the processing power. This can be done via certain meditative techniques, to improve speed or reduce it to make things go faster (such as dinner at the mother in laws). The fact is if you don’t use your processor you will lose the flow. That’s why the old saying says: ‘Want something done – give it to a busy person.’

Now Richard Branson has a zillion great managers, but he is still responsible for more than 200 companies and he fits all that, plus his interests and his coolness into the same 24 hrs as we do. get processing.

The Mayans said we are in a period where time has sped up. This is the result of all of our processors increasing in the last century. In fact they even said that our measuring devices (atomic clocks) would be affected by our consciousness and look the same, whilst they were actually speeding up as well.

I don’t know how much of your life you want to have left. 90%, or 10% thats for you to decide, but I know I want to pack as much into my life as I can, so I choose to speed up thatprocessor and get doing stuff. Try breaking your day into thirds, morning, afternoon and evening and you will find you can achieve a whole lot more than you believed. Happy time travel…


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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