The Spiritual Entrepreneur

I used to get corporates saying to me. “NO you cant use the ‘S’ word in your talks.” I would ask if they knew what the word spirit literally meant. No one ever did. The word ‘Spirit’ literally means ‘Breath’ so: ‘I can’t talk about breath in my talks?’

I am so pleased with the last few years. Whilst we have dealt with Tsunami’s, Recessions, Wars and other terrible things, the world is becoming more spiritual. Two weeks ago I’m in Africa having a spiritual conversation with a group of Muslim friends. A week ago Im in Australia talking about Christianity with a person who is Chinese. Thank goodness people’s minds are opening.

So what is spiritual entrepreneurship?

Firstly it’s best to tell you about it’s two predecessors.

Entrepreneur (Definition) – shifts economic resources out of lower and into higher productivity and greater yield. (or – Business for Profit)

Social Entrepreneur (Definition) – Business for more than profit

Both of these definitions are based on Wikipedia – the third is based on my interpretation.

Spiritual Entrepreneur (Definition) – Business with Purpose

In March 2009 I recorded the following interpretation of a spiritual entrepreneur, but it has become more defined for me since this video.

For you to become a Spiritual Entrepreneur you need to focus on the WHY – the purpose for why you are in business and it has to be about more than just money. In fact it has to be about what your business creates for the greater good, for society, the planet, it’s beings, the flora or the fauna. It’s about playing a bigger game (one of my favorite mantra’s) and it’s often about putting the purpose before the cash.

Want some examples of people I feel are Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Go and check out Matthias Gelber ( Here is a guy who loves making money, and has done it very well, but who is much more concerned about the environment and what is happening to it. Go and check out Kevin Mayall ( Here is an ex farmer that is absolutely committed to helping teenagers integrate and understand what they want, and how to get it. These guys don’t do this for money. Money is a by product of them breathing their passion and their ‘WHY’

So … what can you do to become one of the newest breed of entrepreneurs – The Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Spiritual Entrepreneur SAGE’s for Rock Your Business Singapore

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

One thought on “The Spiritual Entrepreneur”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Your blog certainly makes me think more – not with the head but with my heart.

    Just to let you know that the link to Matthias in your message is no longer used by him. The new one is


    PS Be watching the videos from the Sage Programme.

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