Be Prepared – Boy Scouts Motto – Be Present – My Motto

Just thought I would tell you about my day yesterday as i believe it can serve you.

Woke up at 7.30am, and was texting backwards and forwards across the world. I’m in South Africa, coming to the end of a great tour here.

Dave Rogers & I went for breakfast in the hotel and he briefly met the owner of the hotel. Capetown Lodge is a beautifully maintained hotel with attention to detail. Run by Raymond Gnesin we had a truly wonderful experience during our seminars there and would totally recommend it as a place to go and stay in Capetown.

Ten minutes after Breakfast we found ourselves in Raymond’s office and we were in there for over two hours. No we hadn’t eaten more mints than we could afford. In fact Raymond, a self made Billionaire who owns hotels, shopping centres and a luxury jet airline was finding out about us. His brother designed the watch that Obama wears.  This is what I learnt in two hours from South Africa’s billionaire hotelier.

– Trust your gut. He said he made the decision to buy Capetown Lodge in 15 minutes. He quipped that thats a long time and he must be getting old.

– Avoid traditional financing. Debt free now, Raymond believes that people who believe in you will finance you

– If it fails try another business – learn from your mistakes and get back on the horse.

Finally we learnt, make decisions fast, stop thinking stuff over and get on with it. Do the things that make you money today, dont put them off.

Raymond asked me – after he spoke about himself for a while – Why do you do what you do Mike? I found it fascinating that the number one question I teach entrepreneurs was the first question he threw at me. He also asked Dave if he could finance some new investments Raymond wanted to make – a great test for Dave.

One minute you’re having a leisurely breakfast, the next your talking deals with a billionaire. You cant do this if you aren’t present, if you haven’t prepared for moments just like this. Did we do it well… no…we could have communicated better, asked better questions, but what fabulous exposure the universe gives you to help you grow.

Later in the day I was sitting in the lounge of the hotel discussing an international business deal with two great entrepreneurs and I realised I had created every part of my life. As a child I dreamed of doing international business in luxurious hotels the world over and here I was doing it, with one of my best buddies. The only thing that ever would have stopped me was FEAR. Fear of losing my big salary in corporate life, FEAR of failure and FEAR that I would be seen as nothing much. All of that fear was just white noise. Thank god I didn’t listen to it. Something drove me to just get on that first plane all those years ago.

We spent the evening sharing business opportunities with about ten wonderful people from Capetown and then headed to Cubana bar for a few well earned Mojitos. Life is everything you want it to be…. so be prepared…and be present.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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