Christchurch Earthquake and 2012

If you live in New Zealand this week, you probably have been affected by the earthquake that has devastated Christchurch. $16B + of damage, currently as I write 75 dead and 300 missing, with a view to it being our biggest tragedy ever. I was meant to be in Christchurch yesterday, however I would have arrived a little late. My friend just returned a few moments ago and she was in the thick of it, describing it as ‘raw’.

Firstly, there are tragedies the world over, but when it’s close to home it’s somehow different. Yesterday somebody described me as being here for a purpose. In 1997 I missed being shot in Egypt by a short while when 40 tourists were gunned down. I missed the second Bali bomb by ten minutes, the world trade centre collapse by a week to the minute. I had taken a group of 100 people to New York as a reward for their performance. What I am certain only two others know is that we changed the dates by one week because of school holidays or we would have been breakfasting at windows on the world on the 106th floor on Sept 11. I know I am here for a purpose and I know you are two.

My friend who just returned from Christchurch described feeling so ill the morning of the quake that the shower water hurt her. She texted her boyfriend to tell him she was really scared just a few hours before the quake but didn’t know why. She knew. We all get signs. Just a week ago I felt as sick as I have felt. I was at a breakfast and I felt I would collapse. The next day I felt fine. I then found out one of my wonderful clients had died, that one of my best friends went to hospital and another ended up having a by pass operation. No wonder I felt sick. I felt their sickness.

The Mayan Prophecy states a number of very profound happenings:

  • Time is speeding up. Most of us have felt the effect of this during our life. The atomic clocks say the same thing as they always did, but we feel different. The prophecy states that even our measurement of time would seem the same but it wasn’t
  • There will be a span of natural disasters – our earth is almost trying to shake the sickness we have brought off

Consider the work of Jose Arguilles and John Calleman. I studied it in depth before taking the group to Mexico and making the movie Dreamcatchers. The Mayans state that time is not Linear. In fact there are 9 levels, based on a 13:20 ratio. Because of the ratio the first level (and they built pyramids such as Chichen Itza with 9 levels to represent this) was 16.4 Billions years and Level 9 is only 260 days (it starts in April 2012). So as I write this we are at Level 8 which star

ted around 11 years ago.

Consider everything that has happened since then. 1999. It’s pretty incredible. The last levels are broken down into what are called Days. These days number 7.

Day 6 started in Jan 2009 and finished in Dec 2010. It was called ‘Flowering‘ by the Mayan’s. It nominated the fall of what we know as large corporations (In NZ we saw the whole finance industry and property market collapse)and recession. The prophecy denoted a return to simplicity, a focus on environment and resources and different religions beginning to communicate.

Day 7 which started in Jan 2011 is called ‘Fruition‘. It’s about pandemics, a shift from religion to spirit, a massive surge in clairvoyance and energy work, increased simplicity and collaboration.

My personal view in 2012 is not the end of the world, but maybe as we have come to believe it is. In the past two years almost everyone I know who was ‘rich’ has been humbled, people are happy to chill out, have a beer and go for a walk in the sun. The quake hit all of Christchurch but the focus was the retail centre, the last quake there was on boxing day. It’s almost as if the earth is telling us not to consume. It’s time where we should be resourceful, not be wasteful, where we should focus on our loved ones, be respectful of the earth and realise that our time in this form is limited, at best 100 years in our human skin. Make the most of relationships and love. It’s what we are here for… not a Ferrari or a playstation.

It’s time to bring your love for people, animals and the earth to fruition. You are here for a reason. You have a role to fulfil


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

One thought on “Christchurch Earthquake and 2012”

  1. That was a great read. I am in Auckland and I am still completely consumed by tv1 watching the search and rescue teams. It has completely affected all of New Zealand. I agree, I think these events are going to be more and more common heading up to 2012.

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