The Psychic’s Psychic – Vincent Barra

I haven’t been skeptical of Psychics for quite some time… but I do find there are good one’s and bad one’s…just like plumbers or insurance agents. I’ve had some great readings from a lady called Annie Sallows in Brisbane and Tamar George in Philidelphia. I’ve had my charts done by our wonderful global SAGE and my friend Hilary Carter (my god her reading was extraordinary – I learnt so much) and I really respect the talents of Sue Nicholson (who is taking a group to Egypt this year) and Kelvin Cruicshank off ‘Sensing Murder’, but Vincent Barra is something else.

Mike Handcock & Vincent Barra

I met Vincent in 2009 in Alaska. He lives in Palm Springs so I guess he was trying to cool down. I immediately found out that this humble man is one of the leading trainers of psychics in the USA, having trained people such as John Holland, from Oprah and Hay House fame. I of course wanted a reading, but never asked. With me, Vincent tends to tell me stuff when I least expect it. I do recall one lady who was a real skeptic and on the dance floor one night I said to Vincent ‘just read her’. He complained about being tired, but I insisted. So it sought of went like this:

“Your third husband has crossed over, you can move on. He’s ok with it. No the money won’t dry up. For god sake throw out the blue suit of his, he always hated it, He’s the father of your daughter. He doesn’t care that you bring other men back to the house and yes he approves of what you did with the business.” Her jaw was on the ground.

Vincent gave me a reading on our film ‘Dreamcatchers’ He said “Mike, you wont make any real money out of the film, but it will do far more than you ever believed it could. In fact it will change a lot of lives and it will have more scope than you ever believe it would.” He was 100% correct. I am blown away by still the feedback I get about the film and it’s affect on people, and simply the sheer volume of people that turned up to see it.

Vincent also read some things globally that ended up happening. He described to me just this morning how sick he has felt about a recent public situation as he foresaw it in December.

If you want to enhance your psychic ability you may wish to contact Vincent, or for your own reading. He also has a radio show you can get to from

I am looking forward to taking him along with our group to Peru in August this year. The readings he will do and with the group energy, Macchu Picchu and Teotihaucan sacred site energy and Dave Rogers and myself…it will be extraordinary…. um…what are you doing this year.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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