Your use-by date

Where ever you are in the world, we have one thing in common. We all have a use-by date for our life. Look some of us get eaten before that date, some of us sit on the shelf long after that date, but we all have it. In 99 years from now I doubt anyone reading this blog will be around. How many of you truly think you will see the 22nd century? So we haven’t got much time. So I am going to lay it all out for you in really simple terms.

If you don’t adore what you are doing with your life right now, then stop doing

it. I know, mortgages, kids, expectations of others, yeah I have heard and used them all. When you are 99 years old do you want have – played it safe – or lived the most incredible life?

Money comes and goes. Don’t wait for money to appear, find a way around the money. I have been tossing up whether to buy a new car or not. I own my car, I don’t owe any money on it. Why do I need to spend money on a new car just to look more up to date? In fact why don’t I just sell my car, cash up and take a taxi. Money comes and goes – don’t use the lack of it as an excuse.

Try and if that doesn’t work then try again. The other day my friend was sharing with me that he’s had four big failures this year. I saw them as four big successes. At least he knows no publisher wants his book. He can still publish it if he wants to. Hell, I will publish it for him… It can always be done. I have failed at more things than most people. I’ve been fired, been married more than once, had flops of books and CD’s and events, but at least I have had them. One day a lady told me she didn’t enjoy the music I had written. I said I would be happy to hear some of hers. She had never written any…. case closed. The Thai’s have a wonderful saying… ‘Never Try… Never Know’

“I’m too old”…. “I’m too young”… “I don’t know how”… “I’m too scared” Aweful eh! even reading those words. Herb Tanner completed his first solo parachute jump at age 92. The google boys were multi billionaires by their mid twenties, and every war hero was scared at some point of their lives. Excuses are excuses…performance is reality. Just do it folks.

Change everything if it’s not working. Home, car, job, family…ha ha… seriously though. 2011 is the year to stop making excuses. Live your bucket list now. That’s what our Dreamcatchers do. Damian Milo just rode a motorbike across Australia and back. Shazar Robinson has gone to India to contribute. They never knew how. They just knew they had to. What do you have to do, before your use-by date?


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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