Asia’s first ever Spiritual Cruise

Rock Your Life and Soul Journeys have just completed Asia’s first Spiritual Cruise – The Dreamcatchers Cruise.

You can view the Video here (CRUISE)

Entrepreneurs from 11 different countries met in Beijing on the 20th of August for an eight day adventure starting at Beijing, where we visited the great wall of China. Over 2,000,000 people died building it, most of whom are buried beneath the wall. The most dangerous man on the planet – Glen Levy said: ‘I feel violent here, it’s not a place of calmness.’ I felt very much the same as Glen, so in the mock fight we had on the wall, it took 2 days for my throat to recover, he got a bit carried away. Teach me to pick on him eh!

Glen Levy

We boarded the ‘Legend of the Seas’ for the not to be repeated adventure of a lifetime. It was obvious at the opening cocktail party that people were pumped about the trip, a 3 hr traffic jam adding to the hype as several people nearly missed the sailing of the ship. Amongst the great Global SAGE’s that attended were Glen Levy – Hollywood star and Martial Arts Grand Master, Don Tolman – The Indiana Jones of whole foods, Dave Rogers – Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise winner for 2007, Matthias Gelber – The Greenest Man on the PLanet 2009 and Maya Shahani – Extraordinary Life Award winner 2009. It was fair say that the content was awesome.

Mike Handcock & Don Tolman in Korea

Peace park, Nagasaki – the place where, in August 1945 the Americans dropped ‘fatboy’ the final Atomic Bomb that killed over 70,000, injured a further 70,000 and stopped the second world war. Dave Rogers submitted the group to searing 35+ temperatures in the open during an exercise to connect with the emotions of those devastated.

Next stop, Kagoshima and the home of a very active Volcano. The air was thick with ash when we were there, covering everything. Our last stop in Japan was Fukioka where Glen Levy took the group to Ohori Park where we completed exercises of martial magic including creating and rolling balls of pure energy.

Raewyn Weller, Don Tolman & Dave Rogers

Our final stop was Busan in South Korea, a bustling sea side city and major ship yard, building all sorts of cargo ships and liners. The fish market was popular with guests, as was a cold beer with others.

Finally back at sea, our tour finished with a ceremony that could only be described as embodying pure love and gratitude. We had learnt about Atlantis, How to live healthily, how to mend and cure the body, and how to be the god we all look up to. It was a stunning, life gratifying experience for many. In 2011 we are off to Peru and Bolivia. Spaces are very limited so do not miss out. This is what a few people had to say about Asia’s first Spiritual Cruise.

‘There is definetly so much light coming from this experience. I want to do it again soon.’ Shanaz Ibriham (Capetown)

‘It was absolutely mind blowing, the amazing connections we made in just one week’ Rachael Feary (Sydney)

‘It was the best thing I have ever done in my life because of all the changes of state – just fantastic’ Elizabeth Eames (Kuala Lumpur)

‘It was a beautiful combination of wisdom, a journey and a beautiful cruise’ Shahid Bahjwa (Kuala Lumpur)

‘It’s been really healing for me, because i see I have the capacity to create my life’ Emily Gowor (Global Citizen)

‘How else could you meet such amazing people?’ Harley Springer (Perth)

‘I’ve met some really cool people and got some awesome information.’ Darryl Reeves (Thailand)


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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