Service is not a ‘dirty word’

In 1974 Greg Macainish penned the song ‘Ego is not a dirty word‘. A prolific songwriter of numerous hits with the Australian seventies icons Skyhooks Greg stated ‘don’t you believe what you’ve seen or heard’. I met Greg in the eighties when drummer Freddie Strauks produced an album I played on with Tohjo called ‘Dreams of Home’. I would love to re-release Mr Macainish’s song and change the word Ego to Service.

The fact is most businesses pay absolute lip service to service. We call customers PAX, Covers and a whole range of terms that makes them unhuman for a start. So tell me this… you’re used to it…right. In fact you expect poor service. I know I do. It’s almost a blessing when you get great service. So much so you want to…well blog about it.

Superior Room
Rotorua Kingsgate Hotel

So imagine my surprise on booking our room at the Rotorua Kingsgate Hotel (part of the Millennium Group) when the nice conference girl Nga, actually asked about my real needs. Upon check in I was greeted well. I knew I was pushing it, as I got there at midday, a sure time to get bumped till after 2pm check in time. Not only did the lady at the desk shift things around to ensure I got a room, in fact she upgraded me so as not to displace me. I then got asked what beer I like and was given two vouchers for that beer.

Later when I was checking out, after superb service during the conference and very nice four star rooms, I was again engaged about what I do, how interesting it was, how the hotel rated against others and asked about my shoe sponsor. The two reception girls even asked if I would come and stay again, to which I said ‘Hell yes…I’ll even blog about you’.

You see folks it’s not the big stuff that creates awesome service like ‘WOW’ sending someone flowers when they buy from you. In fact it is the little things. The simplicity of genuine interest in you, of making your day better, trying to accomodate a simple request that is within the service that should be provided. Do that and you will beat the multi million dollar customer ideas all the time.

Ron Kaufman

I learnt the simplicities of service from Asia’s expert on customer service Ron Kaufman. Check his ‘Up Your Service’ websites and get some ideas going for you. Service is not a dirty word.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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