The Cruise of a Lifetime

The Dreamcatchers cruise is the experience of a lifetime…

Imagine the feeling of standing on the front of a cruise ship and seeing nothing but the wide open ocean in front of you.

Imagine the feeling of realizing the expansiveness of the world around you.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that your potential is as unlimited and infinite of the ocean you see all around you.

Imagine learning all that you ever needed to know to have the life you dream.

The Dreamcatchers Ship

Maybe you just saw the Dreamcatchers movie somewhere around the world. This is your chance to join with Don Tolman (the whole food cowboy), Ngahi Bidois (Maori Leader), Maya Shahani (Slumdog Millionairess), Dave Rogers (Co Host), Glen Levy (the most dangerous man on the planet) and myself, plus Laura & Jenny as well for 8 days sailing from exotic Beijing to all the various ports in Japan and Korea.

Mike Handcock & Glen Levy

Normally you would pay $1,500+ to spend two days in a seminar with anyone of these people, but we are bringing them to you for 8 days for just $1,975USD (earlybird finishes soon). That means getting Maya or Don or anyone, on board not only in workshops but dining with them, having a drink at the bar or being on a shore excursion with them.

The thing I ‘love’ about this cruise is already we have people from ten different countries coming along. That means you will have a network you can build from China to the UK to South Africa and NZ. Whether you use it for business, friendship or just accomodation when you next travel. You will build amazing life long friendships with people who are similar in mindset to yourself. Wow… what value is that. I personally am looking forward to it immensely.

The DreamCatchers Cruise is a phenomenal 7 days that will open your heart and awaken your mind to live life as it is – a magical journey.

Leaving from Beijing, China (the home of the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and the Emperors Palace), you will be boarding the luxurious Royal Caribbean Cruise for 8 days of pampering, workshops, networking and learning the ancient secrets. Cruising along the coast of Japan, the ship will stop at and visit exotic ports such as Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kagoshima, as well as Busan, Korea.

Japan in all its finery


Starting with an opening ceremony on the first night of the cruise where all six will speak and welcome you to the cruise, you will have the opportunity to book in for various, specific workshops that will be run throughout the 7 days. You are guaranteed to have enough time to catch all of the people who you would love to hear.


There will also be a cocktail party on (when), opening up the floor for social networking and really getting to know the other people who are on the cruise. You will experience the magic that is so easily created between participants, and the value that sharing this experience will provide for everyone involved.

Don Tolman on stage

Just a little more to share this week… here is one of the workshops being run by Don Tolman and Glen Levy.

This 3 hour workshop uncovers the mysteries of the body. Don will share the 7 secrets of great Health and diet and Glen will share the art of self healing. This workshop is a must for people who want to stay healthy, overcome disease, learn how to heal their body after injury, create a better balance in their life and encourage longevity. What you will learn in this three hour workshop is:

1. How different foods react with your body and what are the key signatures of food that you can identify what you need and do not in an instant

2. The 7 secrets of good health – found by Don on an ancient scroll during his travels

3. Acu-Pressure – Glen will share with you the secrets of channeling healing energy through self acu-pressure – no needles required

4. Ku Ji No In – methods for rapid healing using electro magnetics – find out how Glen healed himself from a serious burn in literally minutes

5 The myth of science and the lies they tell us – Don will share what is really in our food and drinks and how we are being blinded to what we know is the truth about our bodies

6. Exercise in just 5 minutes – Glen will share a 5 minute exercise regime that will leave you energised for the full 24 hours, plus help you lose weight and be more flexible

Go to and book now


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence Group, a global transformational company focussed on assisting people to create Prosperity, Freedom & Purpose.

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