Dreamcatchers world tour – ends…. wow…

After being on the road for 55 days in 12 countries and every continent showing the movie, covering over 30,000 kilometres, taking 26 flights and having 3,500 people turn up at the various launches…its finally come to an end.

I would have to say the whole experience has been fabulous. The reviews are excellent (and Im not making it up). Here are some examples. From Cinda in Portland Oregon: ‘I believe in all you teach and say and it is great validation to see it happening around the world. I am so very grateful that you accepted Trinity’s invitation and gave us a chance to meet you.’ From Krysty in Las Vegas: ‘I can never look at anything the same way again. I am physically shaking…but its good.’ From Dan in Manchester: ‘This is the best film I’ve ever seen.It’s not slick but my god it’s message is amazing.’ From Jeff in Johannesburg: ‘The world needs to see this movie. get it out there.’ From John from SanDiego: ‘The movie is about that transcends words.”

So am I tired… hmmn, not really. I am a bit sad actually. I loved the excitement of who is going to turn up, how many people and what they will think. I had some incredible moments on the road. Here are some of them:


– When people gave Maya a standing ovation for her on screen debut at the Mumbai launch

– When we gave all the profits of the launch to 11 year old seriously ill Chloe Watts in Portland. Folks is this little lady a Dreamcatcher. She got 140 people to show up to a movie to support her and all of us were grateful for her. Go to www.chloewatts.com and donate if you feel inclined. She’s amazing.

The registration desk at the Chloe Watts event in Portland


– With Michelle Clarke in Manchester when she took me out clubbing and Karaoke in the metropolis of Lancatser.

– Trying to herd sheep with Englands best sheep dogs, and realising it was like flying a plane on auto pilot


– The Las Vegas launch which was for Project Shero

– The Mumbai launch which created so much attraction and support for the SAGE Foundation



– Old: Hanging with Dave Rogers in Asia, Damian Milo and Glen Levy in Australia and getting to spend time with awesome friends, Holly, Jayde,  Pete T, Lizzy, Jane & Eddie, Lilian & Jason, Tony, Caryn, Michelle, Sandy and Derrick & Marsha

– New: Leila in Capetown, Trinity in Portland, Roy in Jakarta, Sally & Tyson In Adelaide, Arne & Linda in Toronto, John and Krysty in Las Vegas

Unique Experience

– Horse Riding in Canada, Sheep Dog training in Manchester, Being in Tony’s movie being made in Shanghai, Massive Crowds in Mumbai, Playing techy at various places, wrestling my passport off an armed guard at Mumbai airport, playing with 4 snakes on Derrick’s farm in Canada,

– Unique Venues: The big screen in many places, Palms Casino in Vegas, a basement in Toronto, a Church in Portland, a restuarant in Capetown and Johannesburg.

Horse Riding in Ontario

Overall a tour like this I personally believe is a world first. Never before a has a movie had a series of launches in every continent with the director/producer present at each. This couldn’t have been done without an amazing team, so thank you everyone…not only the city organisers, but all the volunteers as well. At a quick count we had over 75 people involved in helping us in some way or another. Thank you Thank You Thank You.

So what’s next you ask? Firstly we have to tie down distribution for the film. That is paramount. Secondly, in almost every venue people have been asking me to ensure we start a club and website to keep this going so we are going to do that. The concept of transformation is so important at present that many people want to share their stories and journeys of transformation. So we will be starting the Dreamcatchers Club.

Finally to every single person who turned up, showed up or stepped up around the world a big big thank you. You trusted your intuition, you had little to go by and just by being there the planet is evolving and amazing things will occur. Stage 1 of Dreamcatchers was making the movie. Stage 2 was launching it. Stage 3 is all about the culture and distribution….stay tuned.

Electric Lodge Venice Beach

Check out www.dreamcatcherscruise.webs.com as this will be the trip of a lifetime. All ready we have people from 10 countries attending. Check out www.dreamcatchersmovie.com and lastly check out www.the50000.com

Go to http://www.dreamcatchersmovie.com

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

3 thoughts on “Dreamcatchers world tour – ends…. wow…”

  1. Hey Mike,

    Welcome home and a huge congratulations on the success of the movie, you are such a great example of stepping up and playing not bigger game but a massive game, which is what true leadership is all about. Since we met in October 2009 you and the RYL Sage program have had such a profound impact on my life. I am so excited about working on Stage 3 and bring together the 50,000 transformational leaders by 2012.

    Rock On

    Alan Jackson

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