Mumbai – Dreamcatchers Bollywood Launch

The crowd takes shape at Mumbai

We just finished the Mumbai launch of the movie. The biggest so far. Around 1500+ people engaged two sessions at the rustic theatre Sophia Bahrua Hall. There were dignitaries, like the chief of police (which helped for crowd control), senior government officials and Bollywood movie stars and the icons of Industry. When local star of Dreamcatchers ‘Maya Shahani‘ graced the screen with her amazing presence the whole audience erupted in applause, which led to a standing ovation.

Tony & Sam filming the Shanghai launch

I had just come from China where it was amazing how boutique the audience was. Whilst everyone so far has been exceptionally positive about the movie, one man in China wasnt. He told me that he didn’t believe it and that it wasn’t real. I of course have been expecting some of these reactions….after all the film is controversial. Yet in doing so he proved the quantum messages of the film. My I-Phone I-Ching reading (hmmn I wonder if Steve Jobs is going to claim the I-Ching as an apple invention) said I would have disharmony and opposition in China. It was true. (That for those of you who have seen the movie is a quantum experience). At the same time he was talking to me the raffle was drawn and of course the ticket that won was number 11, again a quantum experience, as those of you that have seen the movie know the significance of 11.

Mike, Yash Birla & Maya Shahani

In Singapore we were blessed to have Vireak Soung Mr V ( fly in from Cambodia for the premier. As one of the stars of the movie, and his first time to a city like Singapore it was a joy for me to have him there. Those of you in the audience who saw him speak at the end of the film… I wonder if you saw the tears in my eyes. His humility and humanity really touched me. It was blessed that he could be there.

Mr V in the VIP seats

Back to Mumbai. The reaction was…out of this world. I have literally hundreds of people coming to me telling me the movie was wonderful, even Bollywood stars and directors (who of course make major blockbusters). They loved it. India definetly got ‘the movie’. They said it was what they knew to be the truth, what the Veda’s had said and so many asked me to make a movie about India and its spirituality. Got me thinking…but no..I will take a break from movie making just at the moment. Yash Birla was one of the wonderful people I met in Mumbai who adored the movie. As the chairperson of the Yash Birla group he is the world’s 3rd largest cotton manufacturer and that is just one thing he does. A 30Billion dollar company, the traffic was so bad that he walked a couple of miles with his wife because he wanted so much to see the movie.

Tickets 1 -800 for Dreamcatchers. 801 - 1600 is opposite

Maya Shahani commented to me this morning that she was amazed people wanted to touch her feet after the movie. I laughed of course. In India you touch a guru’s feet to become blessed and pay homage. Maya is truly a guru of course. We had a fabulous dinner in typical Bollywood style on the lawns outside the theatre, where we dined with stars, socialites, dignitries and the ordinary people. I really enjoyed the pageantry of the occasion. Whilst everyone was amazing in their feedback and good wishes, for the most part I was relieved for Maya, that they loved her. She must have been so nervous, as many of her family and friends were in the audience.

Mike and Maya with Bollywood superstar Poonam host of 'The Big Boss'

So for now its on to Africa and Johannesburg and Capetown. No time for rest. I was in at 1am Saturday morning and out at 2am on Sunday. Thanks India…you truly did us all proud. I wish all of the cast and crew could have been here for this. Well done to the SAGE team for all the organisation.

The Dreamcatchers Ship

One last word. Don’t miss the Dreamcatchers Cruise It is filling up and there are many bookings from India. We will soon be full so it will be a never to be repeated trip of a lifetime.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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  1. this is awesome Mike and well done to Maya what a WOW factor she is and always so humble

    take a bow Mike well done
    cheers Carmel

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