Online Affiliate Marketing – Dreamcatchers

In launching Dreamcatchers we are relying heavily on affiliate marketing. These are generally people who have an association with our brand, who like us and think what we do is cool and who are prepared to support us and our movie by emailing links to it to their data base.

Some of them are fantastic and really support us… such as Paul Dunn, Best Health, Mark Robinson & Lisa Dudson, whereas others have been dissapointing. The thing to learn about this is that not everyone has the time, cares or is inclined to get involved in your project or offering, even though it may be seen as the best thing in the world by you and your life’s work.

So its wise to have literally hundreds of affiliates. Some will be turned on by some of what you do and some will not, so you will always have a core of 20 -30 people who are supporting your project and that is what you need.

Be sure to offer affiliates an easy way to sign up to the project and a robust and viable way of being remunerated. Often a lot of list sharing occurs so sometimes it is hard top establish who came from who. We always double check on sign up forms as well so we know who to credit with any sales that are made.

Affiliate marketing is everywhere, but what we have found is simple text emails leading to a booking or sales page works the best. You can test the numbers, it wont get eaten by as many spam machines and finally it is succinct for people who receive the copy as they can read and understand it easy. We have had some of the best success with the least words on the initial email. Simply testing the reader to click on.

Dreamcatchers is coming to a theatre near you.

We are now 1 day away from our first Dreamcatchers movie launch… so hows it going. It’s a small launch but a great way to test the movie before the general masses see it, such as in Auckland on Thursday where the crowd is building nicely. You may be interested to know that I am recieving the finished master copies later today…yes less than one day before…who says we dont have drama and excitement.

and to book go to


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

One thought on “Online Affiliate Marketing – Dreamcatchers”

  1. I started affiliate marketing about 1 month ago never having done it before. I’m starting to learn that it requires a lot patience, dedication, and a whole lot of drive. You should “definitely” be a numbers person.

    I’ve learned the “KISS” method, “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!”, works wonders in affiliate marketing! 🙂 I have a tendency to OVERTHINK things quite a bit.

    One of my favorite quotes are “anything that is monitored will improve over time!”

    Great post!

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