Project Dreamcatchers – 7 days to go

Well its 7 days to the launch of the film with our first city being Christchurch. Here is what has happened in the last few days:

– The new edit is not ready – I cant get the audio finished that I want. So I had to compromise or spend $10k

– I am up from 6am till 1am everyday talking to potential marketing partners, pretty much most of the time

– Because of funding issues, not all venues are confirmed but are slowly coming together

– Due to pre sales we have been able to fund most costs which this time last week were looking dubious

– Its unlikely we will have DVD’s to sell at the time of launch as we may only have a finished master the day of the launch

– I backed my car out of the garage and ripped the wing mirror off. I guess I should stop looking behind

– We have had some exceptional advances with the Canggu Club Bali backing us and Raymond Aaron, Canada’s great speaker

So my learnings are coming fast and hard. Everything from credit card bounces (the shear volume of expenses at present is huge) to people paying for flights without me asking, to magazine and TV interest, to doors being shut in my face while others open, a huge disagreement with two of my closest friends (can’t recall the last time that happened), my business partner finding thousands of dollars he had written off, fitting my normal duties around all this and asking for favours where I never had to before. All in all very inspiring, humbling, engaging and exciting at the same time. I keep hearing 43 events in 55 days on five continents and 23 cities. Last night I had my head on a friends lap as we sat having ice cream…I needed a break. I said: ‘Wow…I am so far in…I cant not do this.’ Her response: ‘I am so glad to hear you say that…you have to do this’

Overall the movie Dreamcatchers is extremely cool. It’s poignant, human, real, now and needed. The showing we did in Bali last week illicited responses such as: ‘thats 100 out of 10’, ‘My God that’s amazing’, ‘What an outstanding film’.

I am so proud of the movie…it’s a massive product…so far fully funded by me… and its coming to you. Please book in for the premiere in your city (We just added Portland Oregon to the list this week) at Rock Your Life and bring your friends. In fact even more than that: Put it on your facebook page and email all your friends to come along. It really is an amazing film and one every person who wants to meet their potential in life should see.

So with seven days to go til the first launch in Christchurch NZ its full steam ahead. Get on board. We have a team of incredible leaders helping us in every city. We would love you to be part of the team.

Martin Jimmink – Christchurch, Kevin Heppleston – Wellington, Naadia Jackson-Amiga – Auckland, Shazar Robinson & Sahaja Springer – Perth, Sally Curtis & Tyson Spehr – Adelaide, Paula Saltamacchia – Melbourne, Rachelle Starr – Sydney, Damian Milo – Brisbane, Jane Walters – Bali, Poonam Sagar – Jakarta, Roy Selvaraj & Lilian Lim – KL, Matthew Bloomfield – Shanghai, Dave Rogers & Joy Mahubani – Singapore, Maya Shahani – Mumbai, Caryn Darly – Johannesburg, Lluwellyn Diedricks – Capetown, Mike Southon – London, Michelle Clarke – Manchester, Raymond Aaron, Derrick Sweet and Ash Freeman – Toronto, Laura Johnson – Las vegas, Sandy Jacobsen & JP Parker – LA and Trinity – Portland


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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