Project Management – Dreamcatchers

Hi cyber world. This is a new style blog for me. Many of you out there realise we have completed our 80 min feature film, DREAMCATCHERS, but now what do we do with it?

The next two months of blogs are here to help you come on a journey with us, to hopefully inspire you to do something massive and out of the box. We are taking on the biggest project we ever have at the least probable time we should.

My vision for the movie is that it needed to be made. Its what the secret didn’t tell you. The reason why all this personal development, universal laws etc is resurfacing, what the governing law is and how ordinary people are applying it to create extraordinary things.

So what’s the project – 43 events in 12 countries on every continent in 55 days, with zero funding (having had it fall over recently). Expensive, lots of logistics, big risk, over 150 affiliates and 23 people to manage and inspire and down to three weeks til it all starts.

So check it out and then let me give you the current situation and learnings:

So here is the deal – NZ, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, South Africa, UK, Canada, USA. Every day there is a day event – Rock Your Personal Brand – an awesome workshop on taking control of you and your brand, and in the evening the premier of Dreamcatchers.

First issue – Round the world air travel, connections, and venues.

We decided to have both programs in the one venue with a two hour change around. I decided to sleep on planes and save on room costs. Of course then there is the logistics around room set ups, audio visual for a movie, bookings etc.

We have used eventbrite for our bookings, 43 sites are up and open and bookings are coming in.

About 30 people have stepped up to manage locations, logistics, invites and the actual events. Most of them are doing it because they love what we do. I don’t take that lightly. I thank them all for their commitment and endevours. The movie is about transformation and having people understand their is a bigger game out there that they are a part of. This message is important for everyone on the planet at present.

At this late stage our biggest challenge of all is funding. The funding we had no longer exists. Somewhere upwards of $30K USD is the minimum we need. We can give a 20% guarantee on a 6 month funding project, with security if needed.

Email Mike with any questions. This needs to be tidied up in the next week or so. If we do not have this funding, we have to reduce our exposure, PR etc.

So here it all is:

1. We have an ambitious project with incredible logistics that need to be completed.

2. We are currently short of funding.

3. The project is important and we have a great team behind it.

4. We have two weeks to finalise it before the first events.

The process we have is IDEA (Movie), BRAND (Dreamcatchers and everything that goes with it), TEAM (30 people committed to making it work with us), PARTNERSHIPS (Over 100 affiliates).

We will keep you updated, so ask any questions or get involved as an affiliate.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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