The Dalai Lama & other amazing people

Last post of 2009 guys. I met some extraordinary people and had some amazing times this year. Some of my highlights were:

  1. Running my first programs in South Africa and going on Safari there
  2. My trip to Alaska with my great buddy Dave Rogers
  3. Taking a group of 25 people to Mexico for Rock Your World – Mayan Prophecy
  4. Completing two tours of Cambodia with Rock Your World
  5. Touring Australia and Asia with Dave Rogers, Glen Levy and Damian Milo
  6. Filming, working on and releasing our movie – Dreamcatchers
  7. Being a mentor for Entrepreneur Business School in Bali

I met some amazing people this year.

No#1 The Dalai Lama

I walked into the business centre of the Langahm hotel and literally bumped into the Dalai Lama. I had seen the security, but this was a pass key area. ‘Hello Your Holiness’ I said. ‘Hello how are you?’ He respnded…. ‘Are you going to have some coffee?’ He asked…. my gosh was the Lamur going to make me coffee? ‘Yes that sounds good I said…black… no sugar…’ We both smiled…he and I knew it wasnt going to happen. I wished him well and he passed by. I love that such an important person can be so humble and gracious that he can share a joke with an everyday person. I learned the art of grace from him in that short exchange.

No#2 Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne was on our Alaskan cruise along with Louise Hay and numerous others well known authors. Wayne and I shared a few laughs and again he was very gracious. I got to know his children (he has many) very well on the cruise. Wayne is a quiet family man. He doesn’t come across as deeply spiritual in real life, more poised and balanced. he seems very comfortable in his own skin. many famous people I have met are not

No#3 Gregg Braden

Gregg is one of the leading spiritual scientists in the world. Having written books like ‘The GOD Code’ and ‘The Isiaih Effect’ Gregg studies spirituality from a scientific point of view. He is working with governments and associations committed to 2012 and the transformation. Gregg was interesting. I have read his books. But Gregg was very reclusive…stage personality and then gone… I had some corridor chats with him but he was pretty guarded. Made me wonder what working with US government does to a person. Gregg’s work is still exceptional however

No#4 Vincent Barra – The Psychic’s Psychic

Meeting Vincent was exceptional. He must have the most calming voice in the world. And what an ability to tap into the Psychic realm. No wonder he trains John Holland who is on Oprah regularly. Vincent is flow is amazing. I saw him do readings on several people and the information he pulled was more than any other psychic. We did a wonderful session where my mother came in, I lost my voice was uncontrollably crying (in an exhilarating way) and got some wonderful clarity.

No#5 Hilary Carter – The 11:11 Code

Hilary’s book was so profound I invited her to the Mexico trip where she was an amazing leader and giver. She did my numbers and the results were outstanding. Probably the best by far reading I have ever had. I totally understood why I muck up relationships and have always done, why I am who I am…and what I am exceptional at. Hilary is currently in India following 11’s around the world preparing people for their own personal transformations.

People I have reconnected with this year are also very cool. Top of this list are:

Glen Levy – Hollywood stuntman, the most dangerous man on the planet and one of the biggest hearts. Glen’s technology around the human body, electro magnetism and martial arts is exceptional. He is a teacher of the highest order and such a gentle soul.

Keith Mason – He channels GOD. He wont admit it…but he does. I have known Keith for a few years but as co leader of our Mexico tour I really saw him in his greatness. Want to find out about yourself…then attend one of his programs.

Keith Mason with Hilary Carter and Dave Rogers

Lastly the year finished on a great note with me winning two speaking awards – Business Person of the Year and proudly – Inspirational Speaker of the Year. What a way to finish…very happy and grateful…so my final questions for you in 2009 are:

  • What did you learn from this year you will remember all your life
  • What are you going to commit to achieving in 2010
  • What have you done to contribute to our world this year
  • What excuses have you made that you need to face up to
  • What will you do differently in 2010 to get a different result than this year

Thanks for reading all, here are some shots from 2009.

In Sitka Alaska
Handing out supplies in Cambodia

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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