Glen Levy – Fortune Events – Time Out – 48/09

So its nearly Xmas again.

I was just recapping the year, from being in Bali in Jan and Cambodia as well with Dave Rogers and the Rock Your World Team, to Asia and Australia in February, then to South Africa in April and a wonderful Safari, Malaysia and Cambodia again in May, Australian tour with Dave Rogers in June, Alaska and Phoenix and Vegas in July with Hay House and NSA, Australia in August, then Malaysia and Indonesia, followed by the USA and Mexico for Rock Your World Mayan Prophecy in September to October in Australia again and now November. Sounds full on, but in reality over 25% down on 2009 schedule… dont worry…it all gets normal again in 2010.

In November I had a great tour of the eastern states of Australia with my good buddy Glen Levy – The most dangerous person on the planet – National Geographic and NASA approved of course. Fortune events run by Zane & Inga Truscott did a fabulous job of filling venues for Glen and I plus ensuring we had first class treatment. It so awesome when you have a schedule like mine for everything to actually be organised and work. Amazing.

Glen is a wonder. He is so charged he blew my computer up by standing near it, closed down two other people’s computers by walking past in the airport lounge and blew out 2 lights. I think he truly must be off that show – Heroes – as he does have some superhuman abilities. Mostly I loved watching him on stage doing some of his incredible work, showing people how they can break a hold from a 6 foot 7 giant or simply how we can get more oxygen into our lungs.

Testimount to his ability is that he has been putting on weight, about 10kg, to ensure his weight loss techniques work. The moment we got on tour he started losing it, by the end of the week he had lost 5kg. We were eating on the run and the only exercise he did was on stage showing the audience the exercises. How cool is that. I have definetly noticed just by doing the exercises with Glen each night for 5 mins that I too was toning up…wild eh!

After all the touring I finally had a 3 day break, no internet, on Waiheke Island off Auckland. Walking along the beach, watching old 1940’s movies, I even watched the all blacks whip Englands but… something I havent done all 2009.

Now is the time folks to concentrate on 2010 and what you really need to achieve. You can have an awesome life…just dream it and live it.


On stage in Melbourne with Glen Levy




Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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