The Warehouse – extraordinary company 3609

So this is what’s new this week. Firstly I am changing the title of my blog from lead an extraordinary life to whatever suits on the week. That way I am told it will get more hits. You may wonder what the number is in the title, its the week and year of the blog.

I returned from Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday. I was meant to be back Sunday but after 5 years of constant travel I read my boarding pass wrong meaning I was sitting in the noodle bar at KLIA while my plane choofed off down the runway. Ha Ha. That mistake has got me more comments on facebook than anything else.

I got back just in time to speak to the Warehouse Group in Auckland. 400+ of their management together on their summit. What an impressive company. They have got it together and here is why.

– Excellently led by Ian Morris a scotsman with a great sense of humour but passionate and committed to the task

– the senior management play as a team. First time I have really seen it. For example they have the GM Finance as the MC, and he did a great job. The managements presentations involved humour, a fun poke at themselves and even some costuming

– they really do care about their staff. It’s not a family, families can be disfunctional…its more of a sports team approach where everyone is supporting the others

– Founder Sir Stephen Tindall, whom I sat with at dinner, said that his knighthood was everyone’s and he really meant it. He knew people’s names and I watched him ask about their children and families

– Over 30 people in the room I counted with ten years service, each one I spoke saying its been a ride but a great one. A real bond and feeling of solidity

So here’s some questions for you this week.

Who have you not said thank you to that you are well overdue to?

Who has been loyal and a champion of yours who needs recognition?

What can you do to really bond your management and get them working together as a team?

Where is the sense of fun in what you do? Do you still experience it. If not why not?

There are some cool lessons that I learn from working with groups such as this and that is why I love what I do. Even got to play a bit of guitar with them so that was fun as well. Make this week extraordinary. I am planning as I am off to Mexico next week. Stay tuned.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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