Lead an extraordinary life – 3409 Malaysia & Indonesia

Hi all. I have just finished a whirlwind tour of KL and Jakarta with Dave Rogers. I am still in KL on a Sunday afternoon staying with my friends. I was meant to leave last night but after five years on the road I finally read a boarding pass wrong and missed the flight. (I read the flight time as the boarding time). So this is what has been happening this week.

Dave and I have been putting togtheer the new look Rock Your Life company including the travel side, publishing and media. The media side is very exciting and we were in Jakarta working on the company with Poonam Sagar who will be heading it up. Poonam has been a host on Q TV Indonesia (has millions of viewers) plus has run XL Radio and has a company ‘Infotech’ that provides software programming for TV and radio throughout Asia. Amazing woman.

We completed 2 Rock Your revenue events in Jakarta and KL. Thanks to everyone who showed up. I believed we gave  some great value with an overview of Obama’s media strategy, the 7 steps to selling in this millenium, how deals are fun and using Quantum to leverage businesses fast.

Joining us we had some fabulous people including Michael Teoh Lu Sim in KL who is totally driving entrepreneurship for youth and Miriam Oliveries who single handedly put on a festival on health and happiness in KL with over 50 speakers, not bad considering she had never done anything like it.

Dave and I went with our great friend Lilian Lim to El Cerdo, the ‘pig’ restaurant that does all pig. It’s logo says everything from head to toe. We settled on the knuckles…and a few jugs of Sangria. Later we twice bumped into the greenest man on the planet ‘Matthias Gerber’ who now has 2500 fans on his Ecowarriors Malaysia fansite on facebook. Well done Matthias, always making a huge difference.

Lessons for the week:

– Always read your travel documents, even when you fly weekly.

– There are incredible people doing amazing things everwhere such as Matthias, Michael, Miriam and Poonam. Get of you butt and connect

– Creativity and Collabortation – brought home to me by some of the amazing ideas Dave and I had for 2010

– The value of social media. Over 25% of our rooms in each city were filled because of facebook.


Matthia Gelber and Mike Handcock planting trees in Africa
Matthia Gelber and Mike Handcock planting trees in Africa

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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