Lead an extraordinary life – 3309 Teambuilding

Since returning from Alaska I have been full on rebuilding the Rock Your Life brand. Like many businesses we have been going through lifecycles this year. In our 4th real year with the Rock Your Life brand (www.rockyourlife.net) we have gone from being an event, to a product producer to a coaching group and now its time to enter phase 3 of our business cycle. I really believe in 4 short years we have been through the spring summer autumn winter cycle at least twice times. It’s still winter in cycle two and I have been busy sowing for the next spring. Most importantly are the five key questions that I have been asking myself for the past year. Ask them of yourself and what you do as you are reading this.

Why does Rock Your Life exist?

I believe its a tragedy that most people die without ever reaching their full potential or even 50% of it. That needs to change and if it does the world can become an even more incredible place.

What are you doing about the why?

We are building the number one team of transformational leaders on the planet who will trigger so many others potential

Who are you doing it with?

We have incredible SAGE’s we work with like Don Tolman, Glen Levy, Dave Rogers and many others already. We are attracting really good team members and this has been my focus in the past week.

When are these people coming on board?

In the last week I have had discussions with at least a dozen people to see if they are on board with us and what role they can fullfill. Almost 100% of them are keen to get really involved in our vision

How are you going to create these transformations for the planet?

By working with exceptional people and an exceptional team we are building product, on and off-line, media presence, books, events and coaching programs which will all create and trigger transformation and change.

So as you can see asking the right questions enables the focus to go off difficult questions like how. You may not even need to answer how if you can answer who as they may have an easy answer to what you seek.

The one person we are missing at present (and if you know of anyone I need to meet them) is a specialist at internet marketing product. This persons role will be to run a brand that works across all our businesses from publishing to media to events and tours and make sure everyone is marketed in a co ordinated and effective manner. 

Teambuilding is the key to any business and this is my focus at present. If you want to get involved with an organisation such as Rock Your Life and have some very specialized skills then talk to me. I want to hear from you. Next week I am in Malaysia and Indonesia, working with Dave Rogers on our business plan and doing some cool, events called Rock Your Revenue. 

Lessons for the week:

1. If you find the who, they can answer the how

2. Always start from the why. If the why is not big enough then nothing gets traction

3. Build an exceptional team. Do not settle for second best.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

One thought on “Lead an extraordinary life – 3309 Teambuilding”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Maybe you have already found an internet marketer but if not, there is someone who I want to recommend to you. Highly recommend.

    He is great. A very authentic person (and I value this) with a big heart and he really knows his IM stuff. His name is James Schramko and he lives in Sydney.

    I don’t know if he agrees to work with you but TRY to convince him.
    Recently he got upset with some speakers stealing his content and decided to go underground again. This is why I say that I don’t know if he agrees. But it is worthwhile trying.
    You will rock 🙂 with internet marketing if he wants to do it for you.

    Warm regards
    Ella Gruntowicz

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