Lead an extraordinary life – 3109 Making a Movie

Hi all, great to be home after a fabulous time in Vegas, Phoenix and Alaska. One of my highlights was hanging out with Derrick McCord and Kelly McCall in Vegas on their first day back in the USA from a long stint serving in Iraq. Both have been in the Air Force for almost 5 years and have been in Iraq on and off for the past 3 years. Both are snipers. It was fascinating for me getting the opinion of these brave soldiers on why they joined up and what they felt about the war in Iraq. I don’t want to break any confidences or put them in a position where they may be compromised by anything they told me, however what I will say is that their understanding of our humanness, what it is to be compassionate and respect for others was incredible, along with a really great sense of fun and life. It was a great evening watching them in sensory overload in Las Vegas after months stuck in the Iraq desert.

Back home I have been editing footage for our movie ‘Dreamcatchers’. When we started the project it seemed like a really fun project that Dave Rogers and I could do together and having done a lot of film and tv I didn’t underestimate the work. Having an absolute myriad of footage to choose from presents its own problem in what to choose, varying quality, composure and also an appreciation for the simple things of film making such as having things in focus and not overexposed.

We are almost half way through the edit now and working on the soundtrack at the same time. One of the things I would suggest to anyone who has ever thought of doing anything is just to get on with it. I always wanted to make a movie. I haven’t got the best script, best footage, best talent or anything like that but I am doing it and I won’t leave this planet not trying to do things I want to do.

I recall once a lady telling me she listened to one of my albums and didn’t like it. I can’t be responsible for what she likes and doesn’t like but one things for sure. I couldn’t have an opinion about her album. She had never made one. People are always full of opinions about you and what you are doing. The important thing is that you are doing something.

When you engage a project such as making a movie there are many things you learn and they are not all technical either like location shots or audio files. They are things like dealing with people’s emotions and desires. Ensuring you are respecting everyones time and talent and simple things like making sure the credits acknowledge all the help you got along the way, not just the obvious contributions.

So what is my thinking about making a movie and whats it about? People love entertainment and they love movies. It’s a way to communicate with people on a whole other level than I normally do, and communicate with people who would never come to a live event. The movie itself is about ordinary people who are creating extraordinary things and its about the greatest transformation of the planet in the last 5,000 years which is occuring in our lifetimes. Watch http://www.rockyourlife.net or http://www.dreamcatchersmovie.com for more.

Learnings this past week:

– Make sure you live life to the fullest, every single day

– Be respectful and give thanks to everyone who helps you, not just the obvious ones

– If you want to do something difficult and incredible just take the first steps and the rest will follow.


Dave Rogers and I on the set of Dreamcatchers
Dave Rogers and I on the set of Dreamcatchers

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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  1. Hi Mike the link to dreamcatchers does not work it is missing the “c” between t h

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