Lead an extraordinary life – 2606 – Tiger Airways

Only my opinion…but Tiger Airways service sux.

After a fabulous tour throughout Australia with Dave Rogers I had a very early flight to the Gold Coast with Virgin Blue, but to save precious dollars I decided to return to Melbourne on Tiger (it was $100 cheaper). Here is what happened. I arrive at the GC airport before the cut off time for boarding. I have no luggage as I just flew up to the GC 4 hours before. I am third in line. There are 2 people behind me that arrive a couple of minutes later. After waiting five minutes with nothing happening as there is a staff person wandering aimlessly, we are told the flight is now closed and we are to be left behind. Only one person in line actually had luggage. Apparantley we can check in for the evening flight in six hours time. The man at the front of the queue lets off a barrage of four letter words. I decide to go through security and see if I could get on the flight. I cannot.

On returning to the counter I speak to the less than helpful staff. Anyone would think I had stolen the wings the way we were spoken to. I simply asked if we could get on to be told. ‘No you’re too late’. I explain that we were not late, in fact we were all well in line before close off, but the fact that they had a processing hold up was our loss. No good. I could fly later at an extra $80.

So I wandered to the Virgin counter (I must say I was very relaxed, thinking what is my learning here). The Virgin people were friendly, giving me a price $100 cheaper than the on line price and I was happily on a lane only 30 minutes late. So here is the message for Tiger Airways. Service. Service. Service. had we been late…fair enough…had we been rude…fair enough…but no we were treated very poorly, and from somebody who flies over 150 flights each year in all sorts of countries this is the first time I have sprung into print. By the way, will I write to there management…no…I’ll just let it take on this viral form to over 20,000 people on my initial data base. 

Great people on our workshops were Rob Hilliar, the relationship guru based in Melbourne. He was excellent as was David Solomon in Melbourne, who after working on Mac’s for 27 years was able to make mine sing with a fully new hard drive, more ram and a general clean up in just a few hours (and everything works…and the service was fabulous…he never worked for Tiger).

Thanks to Shelly Sun who is organising a fabulous party for charity in Melbourne on 9 October. If you want to give back, hang out with cool people in a funky venue check out Shelly on facebook. Well done all.

Thanks to Chester, Judy and Tony and Jeanette for all your help. You guys rock!


The Perth group
The Perth group


Glen Levy, Pete Trethewey, Dave Rogers and Mike at the Melbourne War Memorial
Glen Levy, Pete Trethewey, Dave Rogers and Mike at the Melbourne War Memorial

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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