Lead an extraordinary life – 2509 Wealth Dynamics

Here I am having just finished the Adelaide portion of Dave Rogers and my Australian tour under the brand of Applied Wealth Dynamics. Wealth Dynamics is the creation of Roger Hamilton and it comes from the I-Ching a 5,000 year old book from China converted in the 1920’s by Carl Yung and Ricjhard Wilhelm.

Dave and I have spoken on the following topics:

-Flow, The wealth dynamics square, sales to the different profiles, the deal maker and doing deals, creativity, connection and collaboration and social media

We have met some exceptional people. Take SAm, from Vagabonds restuarant in Adelaide (I hear the Pizzas are exceptional and we are going there for breakfast). Sam is the consumate supporter. He says he loves his clients more than himself. Dr Joe Kosterich from Perth has made a meal of twitter where he has created over 4,000 followers on his DIY health site. A Dr that actually gives health advice, now there is something new. Sally Curtis in Adelaide is a supporter profile who has built a business on being a connector and deal maker. A very cool lady who really knows who she is.

Dave and I also have a heap of fun on our travels together and we went to a superb german hotel in the township of Hahndorf outside Adelaide where we shred great Barossa wines and had german sausage, which was ‘gorgeous’ to quote Dave. In Perth we spent time with Brad Wilkinson and Chris Pham of David Reid Homes who build the most incredible houses and recently had over 800 people through there new show home. Holly Rutter is also a gracious host for myself and check out http://www.hollystables if you want some exceptional products for your horse or dog. Hollys products are designed by herself and are totally 100% natural, and tested on humans.

We also had a fabulous flight on Virgin Blue where cabin supervisor Casey spent most of the flight chatting with us about spirituality. She is now the proud owner of a rock given to her by Dave with blessings from over a dozen monks. Casey if you read this please connect with us. I want your surname so we can recommend your crew to the Virgin management. You were exceptional.

Life is awesome and what a week. Melbourne tommorow where Glen Levy is coming over to spend time at our event there and a fabulous time will be had by all.

Lessons this week:

– Hosties will spend all flight looking after you without denying the service to others. 

– Dave’s insights into spirit and how it affecting different cities globally

– How people are so negative to selling them selves, yet when they make a slight shift to selling value everything changes.


Mike, John & Roz Abbott and Dave Rogers in Perth
Mike, John & Roz Abbott and Dave Rogers in Perth

Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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