Lead an extraordinary life 2109 – About Webinars

Hi Im Mike Handcock, the chairman and founder of Rock Your Life. We are building the number one team of transformational leaders in the world (www.rockyourlife.net). By the way. I’m a normal everyday person, just like you.

This week I want to share two main things with you, that have been my learnings for the week. The first is about fighting flow or going with it. The second is about webinars and my experience with them.

My organisation Rock Your Life has traditionally focussed on personal development. In recent years we haven’t concentrated on business, but on personal development. That is until we got together a few weeks ago with some key business people here in New Zealand. We have founded a new venture and it is specifically focussed on Franchisors and Licensors. We have put together a team of experts. Initially I wasn’t totally blown away by the concept but loved the people who were coming to play. However this week I went out looking for affiliates, a normally somewhat hard thing to do. In two meetings I gained 400 affiliates who were excited about what we were doing. Now since then the idea has got massive traction.

Secondly I have spent more time on webinars this week than in the last few months all together. Dave Rogers (www.daverogers.net) and I were hosting a webinar on Thursday night. We had over 160 people register from 16 different countries. The night before I noticed the XL webinar, which I was on, had 35 people on it. XL is the worlds largest entrepreneur network and I love what Roger Hamilton the founder has achieved with it. I was also on 2 other webinars.

What did I learn about webinars that can help you. Here goes.

– Keep intro’s short get straight to content – all this: ‘Hey its great to have Don on the line from Nevada’ is boring

– Keep points to 90 seconds max. Again a long soliloquy is boring

– Keep charts and formulas to a minimum. We lost 20 mins on a webinar arguing over a formula one of the presenters presented.

-Answer questions ASAP to keep listeners engaged

– A format of no more than an hour, and preferably much less for internal webinars. Set an hour, use 20 mins and everyone will be happy.

My last part of the week was working on our movie ‘Dreamcatchers’. I spent the whole of Sunday, literally 12 hours in front of my laptop reviewing footage and doing story boards for the editor. I have a new appreciation for the back room boys and girls. So here are my learnings for the week:

1. Be truly prepared to look at new things past just blowing them off. You may find they are great after all.

2. Keep webinars short, sharp, information packed and fast paced and people will love them

3. Have a go! Creating a movie is no mean feat, but life is short so as Nike say…just do it.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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