Lead an extraordinary life 2009 – Bill Clinton

Hi Im Mike Handcock, the chairman and founder of Rock Your Life. We are building the number one team of transformational leaders in the world (www.rockyourlife.net). By the way. I’m a normal everyday person, just like you.

Well I never would have believed it, never even considered it in my life. But there it was, arriving mildly by courier this afternoon. A certificate, in fact more than that, a contract between the ex President of the USA William Jefferson Clinton and myself. Co- signed by both of us. How the heck did that happen?

Rock Your Life is a key supporter of SAGE Foundation and really assisted SAGE to get invited to the CGI (Clinton Global Initiative). Out of the 250 foundations there, only 25 meet with Bill. We were one of those. In fact SAGE managed to capture the hearts of many who were there. Maya Shahani (our chairperson) was not focussed on what we could get. Anything would have been nice. She was focussed on what we could give and how we could be effective giving it. The result was that we made an impact and I ended up with a contract from Bill Clinton. Life is very strange. Here we are in the middle of a deep recession, the worst since 1929 and I have a contract with (at one time) the most powerful person in the world. Yet, has it increased my business…no…not yet. Am I in amazement? No…it just proves anythings possible.

While we are on possibility. Apparently the NZ housing market has dropped 30% in the past 15 months, yet today I hear of a friends home, bought at the height of the market for $1.4m being sold for $1.7m this week. It seems the recession is more in our minds and we can still manifest anything.

Last week I went to the National Speakers Association and there was Ngahi Bidoir with his new book on leadership ‘Ancient Wisdom – Modern Solutions’ Go check his site http://www.ngahibidoir.com. Sitting down at the meeting I flick through the book and I see multiple passages on me and what I have done to help him. Wow. Thanks Ngahi…amazing and how much it meant to him, just me being me. I was humbled. He called me an eagle.

I met with Glen Levy and am really excited about working with him on Rock Your Mind, Body and Spirit. This man is exceptional and if you are in NZ you simply must come to this event on 6 June


I met with some new potential clients. Even I have been marketing my butt off the last few weeks with the recession. It’s time to reconnect. You will have heard me say this time is about connection, collaboration and creativity so that is what I am doing myself. Meeting after meeting, new concepts, ideas and partnerships. I would suggest you do the same. It really will serve you to get out of the box and get creative. 

On the weekend I was with friends in the beautiful harbour city of Napier. At the same time I was there three police were shot (one killed) on a routine search warrant which led to a 3 day siege and the final death of the killer himself. Whilst my week had been filled with love, anothers was filled with paranoia and hate. What can we do to ensure our friends, family and colleagues know they are loved and there is somewhere for them to turn.

So what were my lessons for the week. Really this was a week of gratitude:

– Gratitude to the CGI for our partnership and to Maya Shahani for her incredible vision

– Gratitude to all my clients, associates and friends for their ongoing support

– Gratitude to Ngahi for his words and his brotherhood and finally to you for continuing to read and learn.


Author: Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life, a global transformational company focussing on helping everyone play a bigger game and have a more extraordinary life. We work with some incredible people globally and create the most extraordinary adventures, workshops, books and programs.

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