New Appointments at Rock Your Life®

Rock Your Life are pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Landi Jac to it’s Advisory Board. Miss Jac brings a power of expertise to the Rock Your Life Senior Team. Having successfully run her own consultancy company with increases of over 300% in recent years Miss Jac’s client list boasts organisations such as Thomson Rueters, SwissAir and most recently the Number#1 ReMax team in the world. IMG_4319

Landi Jac has three degrees including a Masters in Industrial Psychology. Her career has seen her working at home in South Africa, a time in London UK and more recently consulting organisations in over twenty different companies. In 2016, she launched The Consultant Code™ a business focussed on up-skilling consultants across the globe.


Version 2Rock Your Life have also appointed Geoff Dowson as it’s Manager of Sales (National &International) Mr Dowson has a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and since 2007 has run a very successful financial services company based in Johannesburg. Mr Dowson’s role is to build the Rock Your Life sales team nationally and internationally. In addition he will be involved in Rock Your Life’s strategic partners and it’s events and licensing worldwide.

For more information on either of these positions or on Rock Your Life and it’s global activities please respond to Yolanda Brand at

Mike Handcock



Just 24 hours left…. will you do it?

FB Option 1

Just 24hrs left for a truly once in a lifetime opportunity…

I know I have probably sent you more emails about this than anything else, but I’m really not sorry.

Just read these 3 bullet points and I’ll leave you alone:

  • We may be paying in full for you to join us in Egypt later this year
  • If you come, you will be joined by Business Leaders from around the world, who you will learn from and form alliances with
  • You will learn the deepest sacred, ancient wisdom that will truly and positively shift the way you look at life, your success and the way the world works

All you have to do is simply enter our competition. There’s 42 hrs to go – it’s really very simple. Even if you don’t win you may receive a prize…

Do it… go on be a rebel… click and win.

See you soon


Reflect Back – Manifest Forward

Thanks Dave Rogers for this appropriate title.

I noticed my last blog was on June 11 this year… over 6 months ago…. why? Because Landi jac and I literally took 6 months off… a sabbatical. It didn’t mean we did absolutely nothing. In fact for any of you who think it sounds lovely… I dare you to do it. It’s really one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Why you may ask?

You see … the thing is that all you have to do is stare inward. It doesn’t matter that you may be in a street bar in Prague, or laying on the beach in Corfu, you are confronted by yourself, the real you. The one that is easy to hide from in your normal routine. You have to decide who you really are, and mostly it’s the stuff you have done well at bottling up and hiding away that finds a way to bubble up and confront you.

Perfect Beach
Life for Mike & Landi

All that said, how do I feel…. GREAT, it’s all culminated with a bad 10 day flu that is cleaning me out before Christmas. We visited 26 countries this year. Most people have an excuse not to do that in a lifetime. We have laid on a lot of beaches and am currently in a stunning resort in the Gili Islands off Lombok. Out of this has come some really big goals for next year.

We are manifesting and what that means is getting VERY clear on what we want, who we want in our lives and business and where we want to be in a years time. I’m excited.

So what can I share with you to help you have an awesome future?

  1. Revisit the stuff in your closet that you felt you have dealt with and de clutter it once and for all. It’s finally time to move on. That even means clearing out some nostalgia on Facebook – get it out of your energy.
  2. Focus on what you really want. Seriously … do you really want a Maserati? If yes… ok cool. If your life dream is to own one, but be careful about what your heart truly desires. It comes to you, but it may have baggage.
  3. Agree and write down simple action steps. IE. I want to have a meeting with a specific person, so I have joined his groups, written to people around him I can get to, going to where he hangs out in January…. and talking about it to everyone. I haven’t just left it in my head. That’s not manifesting. That’s dreaming.

Dream Big direction sign with aurora borealis background

To anyone who is reading this who has been part of our journey at Rock Your Life. In February we are launching Version 4.0 of Rock Your Life. It’s going to be awesome.

You rock.

PS: A huge thank you to the love of my life – Landi Jac – what a year we have had. You have been absolutely stunning. xxx

What does one do with all the time in the world?

Six weeks into my Sabbatical – I sit here reflecting. The days seem busy and at stages I feel like I am not achieving much at all. But why is there this constant drive to achieve at all one asks. Why not relax and simply stare at the moon, the fire, the ocean. So for those of you that are wondering what someone who has written 14 books and stood on over 1,000 stages in the past ten years does with all of he time in the world. Here is a brief synopsis of the past six weeks:

With the mask of Tutankhamen
With the mask of Tutankhamen
  • I have lost several kilo’s and my skin looks better and I am definitely more relaxed
  • I have been working on understanding my blood pressure. Ever since I was 25 my BP has been 130/95 now I have it around 125/85 and even down as far as 110/80. The main thing is I know the triggers, Coffee, Alcohol and Stress. Cayenne pepper has been a blessing in helping this
  • I am drinking almost zero alcohol. I was always someone who loved to binge drink… from time to time
  • I have been working on our new feature film, Arjuna, now draft twelve of the script is in Draft two of the Screenplay. It’s feeling great and we launched our crowdfunding project to assist with the tens of thousands I have spent on it personally.
  • I have launched a documentary on my old band – Charley Browne and am talking to they guys about recording a few new tracks:
  • I have been re writing the manuscript for my new book on Pythagoras. This has taken a lot of work with the help of Todd Hutchison, Dave Rogers and Landi Jac as we have had a closer look at the esoterics of his messages and reconstituted them. I am very excited about this work
  • I have been studying full out Marketing on line, so I can share aspects of it with our inner circle and so we at Rock Your Life can become better at it
  • I have had plenty of animal encounters, from having an eagle on my arm, to interacting with a porcupine to visiting several Lion and Tiger sanctuaries
  • I have relooked at every system and product we have at Rock Your Life, surveyed our market place and know more what you want from us and who you think we are. Expect a different us in a relaunch.
  • I have been to Landi’s home town Bloemfontein and seen everywhere she grew up, partied, lived, loved and lost and that has given me a deeper understanding of the love of my life.
  • Together we have had so much fun, from lunching at Wineries, to writing in café’s to visiting Cape Town like tourists, climbing Table Mountain, going over some of it’s stunning passes and sunsets at cool beaches
  • I have auctioned my home in New Zealand and been reviewing property, including a whole re look at life and financial goals and re framing those for the first time in a few years
  • I have de cluttered, getting rid of hoards of stuff from my NZ home
  • We have designed our whole Europe trip starting July, including a Northern Lights cruise and January visit to the Caribbean as well, over 20 countries in the next few months
  • I have deepened and strengthened my relationship with Landi and our beautiful doggie Simon (Seamon), where we have taken the time to have so much deeper and more transformational conversation that ever before and that most people never do, plus I have been practising animal communication
  • I have been studying ancient wisdom in documentaries, rare books we have obtained and online, plus I have a new found interest in a series TV show I never had before
  • I have written a couple of new songs
Enjoying walking Simon
Enjoying walking Simon

… and finally – I have gotten out of the habit of needing my laptop, replying to emails just because I felt obligated and have even had it off for days. In fact … one other thing. This is first time I have looked at what I have achieved, whereas I used to consider it daily and beat myself up if I didn’t tick off my to do list.. now I don’t even have one and I feel a lot lighter

One word is all it takes

Im into week four of my sabbatical and it hasn’t been all roses. Quite frankly I found myself falling into old patterns, like doing emails, Facebooking and other equally mundane tasks. So I simply switched it all off… for days. At the same time the universe assisted by allowing me to drop and break my cell phone, taking further communication and temptation away.

At Rock Your Life we pride ourselves on bringing you up to date, cutting edge stuff to save you time in your life and business. We don’t sell solutions, you can get those anywhere. What we sell is getting to where you want to go on the superhighway, not by horse and cart.

So I have been studying product launches, edutainment, and how to understand your market. Let me give you an example.

What if you could bring what you do down to just one word. (Wouldn’t that help at Networking functions)

2015 Summit 2.001

I looked at our three principals at Rock Your Life: Dave Rogers is an ex banker and billion dollar bond trader, but thats not who he is. Landi Jac is an ex human resources professional and consultant, but that’s boring for her and I’m an ex senior manager for a financial services company and ex rockstar. That means nothing for us or you our customer. So after discussion, research, testing and measuring opinions this is what I came up with:

Dave Rogers represents Bravery – Hell he is one of the most fearless and brave people I know.

Landi Jac is all about Liberty – She liberates you from the mundane is all her advice in all circumstance

Mike Handcock – well I am all about Discovery – thats what I do for you. Ever been on a Soul Journey with me?

This one simple piece of research will change the way we write to you, the way we communicate at events and the way in which we deliver product. You will have a better experience because of it and you will learn how to do it too.

So a sabbatical can be used to update your knowledge, it can be to view things differently. In the 1980’s people had a 20 minute attention span. Now it’s 9 seconds. I guess if your still reading, I have achieved my point.

Get your business down to one word. It will liberate you.

Catch ya later – Im off to my You Tube haven now to watch some cool stuff and upload a documentary I am in.

Our new film – ARJUNA

BREAKING NEWS: – Later this week we will be launching our CrowdFunding Campaign for our new film: ‘ARJUNA’ This is a major motion picture we are hoping to launch and we have a stunning team getting this off the ground. We have been working on this since 2012. Stage 1 of funding will be released this week and you have the opportunity to do everything from get the inside scoop on the movie and it’s stars to even being in the film and saying a line. This is not a talking heads green screen film. This is a Blockbuster film and we will be casting well known actors. be part of ‘ARJUNA’ and help us make the world a better place through it’s message. More details soon.

PS: What perk would entice you to be part of the crowdfunding platform. Any ideas?


Sabbatical – should you?

After being on the road doing business in 46 countries and over 1,000 events for the past 10 years, it’s time to take some time out…

After being on the road doing business in 46 countries and over 1,000 events for the past 10 years, it’s time to take some time out, reflect on what’s next and make it even better. Of course I always welcome interaction with our circle of excellence members, plus we are full on into our new feature film, have a documentary coming out soon, and a few other projects, but there will be a lot more reading books, chilling out and Landi Jac and I are off to Europe for 3 months soon, and of course Greece. Have you ever considered a sabbatical and if so, what would you do?


It took me ages to come to this decision. Whilst I have been teaching Lifestyle Entrepreneurship for about 4 years, living in Greece for the winter months for the past 3 years and generally organising my business to travel the world and hang out with cool people transforming the planet and making a difference the fact of the matter was I was pretty much working most of the time. So with the advent in 2015 of Dave Rogers and I sharing #youism, the biggest shift and trend of the next 5 years I thought… its time.

I guess it always takes a prompt. Mine was a few things – here they are:

  • Listening to Landi Jac share how she is getting off email in 2015, so thinking why not and having reduced my email by about 70% since january… yes folks it can be done.
  • Getting people off ringing me up… that’s taken a year or so, but I truthfully never get a call now except the occasional one from friends
  • A shift in the industry I am in, making me think how I want to approach it in future. I am truly sick and tired of these supposed personal development gurus who don’t walk their talk, take advantage of people in weak moments and don’t deliver… (yes its a gripe… I would love to have the balls to name a few of them – but instead I will focus on what I can control…. me and my delivery)
  • A few little minor health things, especially my somewhat high blood pressure that I have had since 25. It’s definitely related to type A, so yes I eat grapefruit, drink little alcohol (bugger it), eat cayenne pepper and a few other things to manage it
  • And lastly the fact that after 1,000 events + in the last 10 years… I just need some long service leave.

So – I’ll update you here from time to time on what’s going on. We are off to Europe and visiting about 19 different countries with only 5 days of events in that time and the highlight – finishing with a northern lights cruise out of Northern Norway.

You work hard… probably too hard. If you are reading this and you are male then my caution is to watch out for things like:

  • I must be busy (Landi says the business of being busy is no longer cool… and she’s right)
  • I must make a Million (just make enough to do what you want. Corolla or Ferrari… You won’t impress me thats for sure)
  • I have to look good amongst my friends (that’s the biggie and it traps me too…but its a walk seriously… get over yourself… looking good could cost you your sanity, relationship and health)

If your reading this and you are a female:

  • You are not responsible for the health, wellbeing and mothering of anyone of even near adult age. Think what you were like as a 16+ year old.
  • You are not your partners puppet. You have dreams, and wishes too
  • Don’t just agree with your man and go down the same road.
  • If you are a career driven female entrepreneur, like most of my audience then what I wrote about the men traps may apply to you.

Bottom line, look after you first. You are the centre of your universe and if you are anything less than 100%, in your life, career, relationships or health, you can never be anything you really want to be.

My issue is keeping my mind quiet. I have already had 50+ ideas in the first 7 days of this sabbatical thing. Even this blog is one of them. Let’s see how it goes. Drop me your comments and ideas on my Facebook or here.