Why Bricks & Mortar Are More Important Than Ever – The story of why we built The Octopus House

For years now we have been telling people in Masterminds and Events all around the world that TRUST is the No#1 thing missing in business today.

For years now we have been telling people in Masterminds and Events all around the world that TRUST is the No#1 thing missing in business today.

You know how it goes. You log onto to LinkedIn and there is someone from a foreign land telling you how well they can build your website or get you SEO. No thanks, I think I’ll go to my friendly scammer and give them all my business.

With everything virtual (I even know one person who has an avatar instead of him meet with clients… he voices it), the is NO substance and whilst it’s all good to be virtual and cool, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so more and more people are running away from virtual.

We pressed on with Live Events during Co-Vid, yes it was painful at times but people rallied and loved being in the room with others. We printed our magazines and books. LEAD Magazine always has people go ‘wow this is quality’ when they hold it for the first time (it happened yesterday in fact).


Just getting your directors and staff together live to talk and mingle creates magic and whilst every speaker I know is buying tech like crazy to look good on screen, in the end the live will rule through. So we knew we had to do something totally against the tide.


We had been looking for premises, working from home 24/7 is not fun. We were used to working on islands, airports and hotels, but nothing kills the passion of a pitch more than the washing machine finishing its cycle.

We scoured the Strand in Cape Town and found, due to a very small sign in the window, an old fishing cottage that was perfect. We did the deal in 15 minutes and then it was ours. (Bonus: it came with two new besties… George and Karina, the previous owners) George is a MacGyver and with our vision and his skills we renovated and created The Octopus House. We launched it just prior to Christmas 2021.

The Octopus House is our office, a private members club where members get a cool space to operate, plus training, our award winning entrepreneur ed-tech platform, regular masterminds, international connections and much more. They will grow and scale fast. In addition this is a boutique venue with themed rooms – Egypt – China and has a Sacred Library. You can read a 17th century Bible, Qua-ran from the 1960’s, books on the Templars, Sumeria, Feng Shui, Spirituality, ancient books on Rome, da Vinci, the scope will keep you busy for ages.

Different spaces, like the private meeting rooms, boardroom, lounge area, great kitchen, front and rear patio (which we are making Moroccan this year) and a cool chill bar vibe to work in. People love the space. It can be rented as a whole venue or a meeting room for the day, plus we are introducing a wine tasting club and chefs table in the space for people who value style.

You see, we believe every business has to create something of SUBSTANCE to build TRUST. You may not need an Octopus House, but you may have to get away from behind a computer, meet some people, talk, produce a Coffee table Book of Your Company – We have one of those too – and start creating trust again. You will up your game, and that will get you more than you imagine.

If you are in Cape Town and fancy a trip to Strand to check out The Octopus House then just click on the link and connect. Come and do coffee or a wine.

The Octopus House – Strand, Cape Town

Global Intelligence Updates with Liz Hardwick


The Productivity Challenge – How Global Entrepreneurs are using Digital to Work Less, While Earning More


Liz will share her experiences in supporting business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their productivity through the digital adaptation of traditional time-saving techniques.

* How to identify which areas of your life are negatively impacting your business success

* Simple calendar hacks designed to free up hours of time every day * The tiny steps Liz took to move from struggling and overwhelm to optimised and streamlined


Liz Hardwick is a Digital Productivity Specialist, Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Tech Founder and has been sharing her expertise and experiences of “harnessing digital for human benefit” for over 15 years through talks, training, seminars, and her online eLearning Platform. Liz helps business owners, leaders, and their teams reclaim their time, energy & focus with tried-and-tested productivity methods and digital tools, to achieve that iconic 4-day working week. She has also been recognised for her achievements in TechWomen100, TechWorld’s Top 111 UK Women in Tech Speakers, BC’s 101 Female Founders in Tech, and the Digital Leaders UK 100.


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We bring you worldwide business intelligence with heart, purpose and one goal. Your increased Prosperity, with greater Freedom and significant purpose. https://www.worldwidebusinessintelligence.com

Global Intelligence Updates with Devon Lailvaux


Natures Relief dispensaries – consultations and natural medicines | Use and benefit of natural medicines for health, wellness, performance and recreation
  • For people to understand their body and minds potential to heal and adapt
  • Breaking the stigma on natural medicine vs conventional medicine and where they are each best suited, used and beneficial.
  • How to access the right natural medicines for their health and performance goals and how to assess products in the market.
Devon is the owner of Grow Green Distribution and Natures Relief. Many may recognize him from when he was playing rugby nationally and internationally. During his rugby time he completed his BCOM in marketing and his Honours in Business Management.
Devon’s product reach has been to 4 different countries (busy expanding more) through Grow Green and opening two retail dispensaries in Umhlanga (KZN) and Olivedale (JHB) employing qualified doctos.
Very insightful and informative
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The Age of the Connected Customer with KK Diaz


Discussion key points:


* We’re entering the age of the connected customer where customers are taking back ownership over their personal data, and expecting more flexibility and value from the companies they do business with.


* We’re suffering from a crisis of disconnection: disconnected data and systems, disconnected customers, disconnected people.


* You need a playbook that’ll help turn this around; starting with being proactive and cultivating meaningful connection with customers.


KK Diaz is a business and brand strategist, coach and 6-times author. He currently serves as CEO of A-Game Business, a growth-hacking and digital marketing agency that provides innovative strategies to help companies improve business performance, revenue and brand equity. He helps companies around the world to implement innovative business strategies, digital marketing tactics, processes and systems for transformative sustainable growth.


KK Diaz is the originator of the methodology and author of The A-Game Business Blueprint – a multifaceted approach and collaborative ecosystem designed to help businesses achieve 10X- Growth. As a digital transformation thought-leader, he helps businesses unlock digital transformation, remain relevant and avoid disruption.


His unique coaching style, series of training programmes, workshops, online courses, and books help business leaders and entrepreneurs gain a holistic view of strategy, marketing, sales and operations as a set of business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable within the business for long-term growth and success.


Join us at 9am SA, 7pm NZ, 6pm Melb, 3pm Asia, 7am UK




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www.worldwidebusinessintelligence.com We bring you worldwide business intelligence with heart, purpose and one goal. Your increased Prosperity, with greater Freedom and significant purpose.

The Future For Entrepreneurs – A view of the next 5 years with Mike Handcock


Discussion key points from Mike:

* Technology, the Cloud, Marketing and Security

* The future of people and work – Leadership and Employment

* Skills that are needed to Thrive in the next 5 years

Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

Bouncing Back From Adversity with Elias Kanaris


Discussion key points from Elias:
  • The power of the community
  • How to function after a traumatic event
  • Why making bets on your future based on your past events is flawed
Elias Kanaris is a thought leader in the area of resilience, leadership and building trust. He works with CEOs and their teams, building high performing team, navigating adversity and introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency.
With over 25 years’ experience in corporate and not-for-profit organisations, Elias has used that experience to become an expert in helping leaders lead. He has developed a blueprint to empower organisations to navigate adversity to protect their brand, retain top talent whilst growing their bottom line.
Elias has spoken in 13 countries, on four continents.
Elias is the CEO of the Insight and Strategy Group and has served as President of the Global Speakers Federation (2018-2019) and was the President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (2015-2017).
He is also a Founding Partner of the Conscious Leadership Team.

Do you know what your prospects’ BIG FAT PROBLEM is?


  • How to uncover the problems that exist in the mind of your ideal buyer
  • Explore and understand industry-related objections and how that affects your target audience’s perceptions
  • Frame and present big problems in a way that encourages mutual trust with potential customers

Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, part of a conglomerate of 5 international companies that has now touched the lives of over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology with Cum Laude, and consults with numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Conscious Leadership Matrix with Mike Handcock


  • The role of professional aptitude vs consciousness
  • The 5 Aspects of Consciousness as a Leader
  • The 4 Aspects of Aptitude as a Leader
  • De-Engineering Consciousness in You the Leader for 2023
Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership with Radislav Gandapas


  • EQ – what it is and how it works
  • How Emotional Intelligence can make us more successful
  • How inspiring leaders use EQ do develop their teams
Radislav Gandapas is a Global speaker, president of CIS Speakers Association, 14 position in TOP30 Global Gurus in Leadership, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), Yale Certified emotional intelligence tutor, golf player and father of four kids.

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs with Mike Southon


  • Know the right questions to ask when approaching a Mentor
  • Know the right answers to give when providing mentoring
  • Work out The Meaning of Life
Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur who co-founded, built and sold his first company in the 1980s
He has since worked on over 20 start-ups and is co-author of one of the world’s best-selling business books, The Beermat Entrepreneur
He has provided free face-to-face mentoring to over 2,500 people and now teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategy at Bayes Business School in London

Dancing on the abyss – how to make most of living on the edge of unprecedented change with Rainer Petek


  • How to utilize uncertainty to your own advantage
  • How to turn failure into fuel
  • How overcome the illusion of feeling safe by playing it safe
Rainer Petek, born 1965 in Klagenfurt/Austria, started climbing at the age of 16. At the early age of 19 he climbed the famous north face of the Grandes Jorasses, over the notorious Walker-Spur. Rainer Petek was a temporary officer for four years in a high mountain unit of the Austrian Armed Forces and was appointed the youngest “Heeresbergführer” (military mountain guide) of the Second Austrian Republic in 1987. He then founded his first company, high life Alpinsport.
As a professional mountain guide Rainer Petek led clients into the mountains for more than 12 years. In the 1990s he was one of the few mountain guides who were able to master extremely difficult climbing tours with clients, such as the “Don Quijote” in VI+ degree on the 900 meter high south face of the Marmolada. He led groups up to 6000m in the Himalayas and climbed even sport climbing routes in 9th degree of difficulty on the UIAA scale.
Rainer Petek is Master of Science in Organizational Development and founding partner of 3U Leaders, a consultancy based in Salzburg, Austria. Since 1998 he has been supporting global companies in challenging situations and phases of change, in innovation projects and the development of new forms of leadership and collaboration. He continuously observes and analyzes particularly innovative companies and, through his network in Silicon Valley, always has his finger on the pulse. Rainer Petek lives with his wife and two daughters near Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany.
Rainer Petek is the author of several books and publications. He has taught Leadership and Change Management as a lecturer at universities and colleges, such as the Executive MBA program at Danube University Krems or Griffith University in Brisbane/Australia.
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