Senator Brian Nieves – Self Faith & Leadership

Brian Nieves talks about the one thing he learnt as a young man that has given him great council and a highly successful life, in and out of public office.
Brian D. Nieves is a former Republican member of the Missouri Senate, and a former majority whip in the Missouri House of Representatives. Nieves represented the 26th District, which covers Franklin County, Warren County, and part of St.Louis County. Today he specialises in leadership, partnerships and being controversial.


Mike Handcock: How To Decide On & Manage Opportunities

Decision-making is an essential, vital skill in the life of any successful (or soon-to-be-successful) person worth their sale. One of these kinds of choices you’re going to have to make is deciding on opportunities – bringing decisiveness to the things you want and need to do. Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organization that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. Dustin Mathews speaks to Mike Handcock about opportunities and the process of choosing to go one way or another in life. Feeling the need for a little push in life? Let Dustin and Mike help you find your way!

This is a syndicated podcast, recorded by Dustin Mathews from the Wealthfit Studios. Find Mike Handcock at: 

A Message from Dustin Mathews: 

This is an incredibly special show. It is with a good friend and an amazing person that you would definitely want to learn from.He is the author of thirteen books with international bestsellers and Amazon bestsellers in the business and personal development categories.

He is a musician with thirteen albums to his name and a number one on iTunes in 2013.

He serves as the Chairman and Founder of The Circle of Excellence and has built five companies in Events, Business Intelligence, Licensing, Investments and Experts Institute which operate regularly in over twenty countries.

He is also the producer and director of the film Dreamcatcher and is a recipient of numerous awards including Speaker of the Year and Business Person of the Year twice. He’s also been nominated for three extraordinary life awards.

He is the Co-Founder of the Conscious Leadership Movement and he is my special guest and friend, Mike Handcock.

Stuart Patton – The Future of Education

One of Asia’s leading educationalists talks on the new way to get educated, virtual schools, new roles for teachers and how his team are changing the face of education.

CEO of Ace Edventure Schools and Co Founder of Polkuni Education. Stuart has worked at Director level in UK SME’s, as Corporate Business Development Director in large private Euro company, and as Business Development Director in a very successful privately owned HK company. He has worked in many countries in the world, especially Asia for the last 12yrs, mainly HK, China and Indonesia.

When Gaia Speaks – From The Book of Sacred Prescriptions

Mike Handcock reads from Landi Jac’s new book…

The Book of Sacred Prescriptions

“Mother Nature is such a powerful teacher and in our many travels it is impossible to not hear Her powerful voice. Many refer to the spirit of our planet as Gaia, which is Latin and Old Greek for “Earth”. When life gets a little fake and you start realising that the lives of others are just an online illusion, it may be time for you to turn away from electronics and step outside. 

Just recently, a fire ceremony in the Sahara Desert left us in awe…”

Listen to the whole Chapter here.


At the End of the Rainbow Lives Trust – From The Book of Sacred Prescriptions

Mike Handcock reads from Landi Jac’s new book…

The Book of Sacred Prescriptions

“Early in my adult life, I had an eye-opening lesson in how deeply people can disappoint you, even if they swear that it wasn’t their true intention. It is the strangest feeling to love and despise a person at the same time and with the same heart. At some point we all have to stop externalising and start owning everything that happens to us, thereby avoiding the ever-so-tempting blame game. 

If a bee stings you, it will surely die…”

To hear more listen to the podcast


The Real Boss That Owns Us is Not the Government – From ‘The Book of Sacred Prescriptions’

Mike Handcock reads a segment of the new book by Landi Jac.

The Book of Scared Prescriptions.

‘You are not owned by some evil villain that sits behind the president.

I’m not saying that evil villains don’t exist. But as we grow through life, we pick up all sorts of energetic parasites that suck the living life out of us. At first innocent and small, these mini bugs usually go unnoticed until they are so deeply attached into our spirit that it takes substantial intervention to free us from their claws…’

Listen to the rest of the chapter here:



Nats Levi – Staying Healthy at Home

Superfit Nats Levi shares how to stay 100% on top of your health, even though you may never leave the house.

A very shy, introverted and lanky girl growing up, movement was not something naturally in my physical skill set. 

I just knew i loved the feeling that came from working out-  the strength, the confidence, the empowerment.

Achieving things physically through movement and training gave me a self belief like no other- a confidence I could overcome anything.


I am a teacher  by qualification, but health and fitness is my passion. As well as a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma in Teaching, I hold  my Cert III and IV in Fitness.   My love of health and fitness started with the group fitness phenomenon that is Les Mills –  Fitness became a lifestyle and job for me.

My commitment to my health and well-being has not only  been an investment  professionally but also served me in “darker” times . 


Whilst I have always been a health role model, I have not always made lifestyle choices that served my body in healthy ways.  These choices saw my hormonal system crash and my body fight back from a syndrome known as “Female Athlete Triad”. I ran my body into an exhausted state in which my systems shut down and “crashed” . This forced me to take a hard, long look into my lifestyle. I introspectively had to decipher my unique code to health- how i can alter the levers of nutrition, movement and rest to achieve not only the fitness I desire, but  the health I craved.

Movement, nourishing my body and restorative processes are the keys to my best health and helping other women unlock theirs has become my passion. I truly believe every woman has a unique combination of these factors and once she discovers them- ultimate health is hers.

EVERY woman deserves to feel strong, empowered and unstoppable.

“Love life and it will love you back.”

Your Health at Home, Your Money & Cost Cutting and The Brave New World Of Speaking

3 Amazing Guests – Lisa Dudson (New Zealand’s Best Selling Author on Money), Paul Ter Wal (President of the Global Speakers Federation) and Sue Fuller-Good (Founder of The Energy Incubator) talking about POST CoVid Health & Wellbeing, Finances and the Career of Speaking & Training.

Lisa is a Registered Financial Advisor and was previously a Certified Financial Planner for 10 years. She won the 2003 Inaugural Young Financial Planner of the Year, was previously Vice President of both the Auckland Property Investors Association and the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.

Today Paul ter Wal is a professional speaker, strategic advisor, strategist as well as a vision and healthy workplace specialist. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Maastricht, Master Work Health and Career.

Sue is a leading-and cutting edge-physiotherapist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having been a lifelong student of the body, neuroscience, and human behaviour, Sue has a deep understanding of the multi-dimensional concept of well-being.

Pece Gorgievski – Creating Unity in Diversity

Pece Gorgievski resigned from his job to start a foundation to bring cultures and religions together. Now he works with the UN teams, dignitaries and is making a huge difference across the world. Pece is Partner – The OCAM Group, incorporating “OCAM 4×4 Accessories” and “OCAM Global Logistics”.

Co-founder and CEO – Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF), creating a global inclusive society and culture of peace, in collaboration with United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Governments, Communities and Businesses.
Maybe you too wish to become part of the GLOBAL DIALOGUE FOUNDATION

Matthias Gelber – The Green Man Talks on the Future of Planet Earth Post CoVid19

Mike Handcock interviews Matthias Gelber, voted the greenest man on earth about what governments, industry and we can do to make sure we look after our primary home – earth. He touches on post-CoVid and the environment and what’s happening in rural Asia.


Matthias Gelber comes from Burbach-Lippe, a small German village surrounded by the forest. He developed a strong connection with nature from a young age, and has been a passionate advocate of green living ever since. In 2008, he was voted ‘Greenest Person on the Planet’ in an online competition by 3rdWhale in Canada. Matthias lives in Malaysia without a car and a monthly USD$10 electricity bill. He also started Eco Warriors Malaysia, a community movement focused on taking positive action to combat climate change.

Matthias graduated with Masters in Environmental Science from Brunel University in the UK and went on to start a successful environmental consulting company in 1999. In 2007, he co-founded Maleki GmbH, a German company specialising in high performance, low carbon footprint construction materials. He also serves as a Board Member of Solexel Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solexel Inc in Silicon Valley.