Trump Wins… and Hilary doesn’t see her Blindspots… a warning to all of us!

Photo from the BBC

It’s all over – Donald John Trump (Age 70), net worth $3.6B and host of ‘The Apprentice’ became – against all odds – The 45th President of the United States.

Why? – and What can we learn from this?

There are so many comments politically, like ‘You’re fired Hilary, to ‘Is he really going to build a wall across the Mexican Border, to his supposed bigotry or the fact that he’s a total cowboy. I’m not commenting on all that. It’s irrelevant. The fact is he got 26% more of the vote (276 – 218).

So How did Hilary Blow it?

This must of seemed like the All Blacks playing Ethiopia. One candidate a 30 year veteran with contacts, inside interests, a more safe bet on game play and the other candidate, a brash, outspoken man who was even a democrat for 8 years before he changed sides.

I used to like Hilary, and I felt sorry for her when Bill messed around with Monika, but her actions have polarised a nation. You can never fix one inequity of the past with another inequity. Hilary was all about Girl Power – but she in fact made being a woman like her very uncool. Whilst she won the black women vote 53% of white woman identified more with Trump that the 42% she got. Ouch… That was huge demographic she went for. She actually did more to harm women’s empowerment than good and set it back years by catapulting an outsider, arguably semi chauvinistic person into the White House.

Hubby Bill has charisma and she used to have some, but as the Presidential race went on she seemed to become more robotic, aloof and then this whole mess about cover ups and emails… well the world loves a good conspiracy Hilary.

…and then there’s Trump

Make way for The DON…

He put everyone from Season 1 winner Bill Rancic to celebrities like Gene Simmons and Cyndi Lauper through such a blood and guts battle in ‘The Apprentice’ that many stormed out and only the strongest survived, yet here is Trump himself, laughed at by his party cohorts, 60% of the USA say he’s not got the skills to be President and yet he bludgeons away for 18 months and he gets there, even when the odds were against him the day before.

There is a lot any entrepreneur reading this can learn from that. So what did he do.

  • He didn’t apologise for being Trump
  • He saw Hilary’s stance on women and used it against her. 63% of white men voted for him and just 31% for Hilary.
  • He had upset some groups so he left what was broken and focussed on what he had to make it even better. So many of us focus on our weaknesses.
  • Finally… there is something in his heart that America saw. (We knew – we talked to people on the street in the USA during 2 visits there in 2016.) Most people said: At least Trump really loves this country. Nobody was sure Hilary did.

People on the street in the USA told us that they would vote Trump as at least he was a businessman and not a politician and they figured he may be able to pull the USA out of it’s nose dive. I don’t know if he can, but Obama turned out to be a Lemon so lets hope he’s better.

and finally what can we learn from Hilary:

  • You have to watch your blindspots. You didn’t see the women shifting camp.
  • She polarised a large part of the vote – non educated white people. Look at the mid west states, they ran toward Trump.
  • She had very little Clarity – what was she really saying??? Trump at least had forceful campaign mandates that, while controversial, at least were clear.

…and one last thing. Something we have been teaching for over 10 years at Rock Your Life, my organisation. The 4 cornerstones of Entrepreneurial Genius.

  1. Clarity – To be great you must have exceptional clarity and communicate it
  2. Unique – You have to be unique and stand out
  3. Presence – You must be totally present to whats going on – on the ground around you
  4. You must ask great Questions – Obama did this and so did Trump. He questioned everything the American system had

Make sure you and your business don’t suffer the Hilary Symptom… Watch out for your Blindspots, Undercurrents and Imprints or they will come back to haunt you.

The 5 aspects of true Genius

We are not talking IQ here. Quite frankly that is overrated in todays world. An all rounded individual needs Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient and a few other bits and bobs to be anything close to to smart.

What I have noticed however in my years of work with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders from around the world is that there are 5 aspects that makes one stand out above all others. Let’s call it the super genius ‘Rockstar’ type.

Stylish man sitting in sport car

  1. Clarity – This person has absolute black and white clarity on whats in, whats out, what they will touch and what they won’t and they are able to communicate it in such a way that the listener is also absolutely clear and can act on that clarity in whatever role they need to.
  2. ‘Innovation Jumper’ – This cool term literally means that not only are they highly innovative, which doesn’t mean regurgitating someone else’s boring stuff into something useable, they are at least three moves ahead. The best chess players aren’t thinking about their next move. They are thinking 3 + moves ahead, and the genius does so to, and they are able to innovate a market but revolutionising it. That’s more than just being disruptive, that’s being innovative. Elon Musk is definitely one of these people and Tesla is a great example of what i am talking about.
  3. Unique Ability – I call it: Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor. Meaning that they do something or are something that simply is tough to replicate. Trump has it (I know I know… but he does), so does Branson, so does Oprah, so does Buffett… and they are all very different people. The genius grabs the ‘X’ factor and rides it for all it is worth. Sometimes it’s easy… JFK had it simply by being a really great guy.
  4. 7th Sense – We call it Quantum. The 6th is intuition and lots of us have that although the system has tried to ween us off it to become ordinary. Quantum is so much more. It’s not instinct. It’s a knowing that comes immediately. They simply know. Buy… Sell… Launch… Take Stock… they just know. Yes this is a skill that can be trained. It’s a muscle like any other skill, but you will have a head start if you weren’t a product of the system. Better you be outside the norm, like Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg etc.
  5. ‘Inspiratability’ – yes another strange word. But this one is easy. It means that these people inspire everyone they meet. They jump in a cab and by the end of the ride the cabbie wants to invest or become a client or reseller. They go to a school reunion and end up with a whole new business filled with school chums. Some people just have the ability to be inspirational, and lets face it. In todays world – who wants to spend time with anyone who isn’t… no way.

So these are the 5 aspects of true genius and they can be learnt, but it takes time and you really have to want it and practice. If you don’t have these it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Plenty of people have got there with hard work. It’s just a much longer road.

Mike Handcock is the Chairman of Rock Your Life and an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Who is the Best in the World?


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#Brexit – Bye Bye UK…but what about us?

It’s been topical and it was badly a landslide. In fact I would say it’s a country divided. Firstly lets have a look at the results and then lets give some thought on what it means for the world, business and you.

Should Britain remain part of the European Union?

Remain a member of the European Union  48.1%    (16,141,241 Votes)
Leave the European Union 51.9% (17,410,742 Votes)
That’s small Margin for sure.
This is what Richard Branson said just a few days ago: “Leaving the European Union is not a risk I would want the UK to take. Not as an investor, not as an entrepreneur and certainly not as a father and grandfather concerned about the world we leave to the next generation. In the video above, I outline why I believe the UK should Remain in the EU. For trade, job creation and the economy. For peace, prosperity and security.” 
This is what 200 of the UK’s top entrepreneurs said as well: (People like, Jawbone and more)

“The economic shock of a vote to leave the EU could lead to lost investment,
missed opportunities and lost jobs. The UK is currently the best place in Europe to launch and grow a business; leaving the European Union will undoubtedly undermine the ability of
Britain’s entrepreneurs to start-up, innovate, and grow.

“It is simply not worth the risk.”

One casualty is Prime Minister David Cameron…gone… resigned. Ireland and Scotland are considering their future as well.

Already in South Africa where I am today the Rand has weekend as I am sure many currencies have. But is there any positive fallout?

The Brits have always rallied in desperate times. Look at WW2 and the Battle of Britain. This is a country that comes back harder and faster. Rue Brittania and all that sort of thing. My English friends and clients are quite shocked but they are all saying the same thing. It’s irrelevant – What we will do is position ourselves differently. Some will leave. Some will focus more globally and others will simply dig in. Like any economic storm it will pass.

Be this a learning that wherever you are, your business can be affected by situations out of your control. Lets face it even Sir Richard couldn’t stop this. My council to you, my reader is to ‘Think Local – but Act Global’ You can have a business that crosses borders and in every crisis there are people that rise above it with fabulous mindset, ideas and shortcuts and hacks of any conundrum. Alternative currency Bitcoin has had a record day on the back of the news rising in value by 4.6%

I will be in London in a couple of weeks doing events and meeting with clients. By that stage the dust will have settled somewhat. It will be fascinating to see the effect on the person in the street. In any city you talk to the taxi drivers. They are the mind of the people, so regardless of the results Im not judging the entrepreneur reaction … yet.

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Pluralism – Nominate Someone You Know

The first question I am sure is: What is Pluralism?

Pluralism is a respect for Human Diversity. In fact it’s the concept that this is even a highly valuable commodity. In 2007 I met Pece Gorgievski, who at the time ran a shipping business. Pece wanted to create a world where cultures and religions and different beliefs were accepted. Rock Your Life was part of that journey of creating what became The Global Dialogue Foundation which stands for ‘Unity in Diversity’. I have been on the board since its inception in 2008/9.

IMG_7087Pece has a massive vision, and we filmed him in 2010 for our Movie ‘Dreamcatchers‘. His achievements are many. Most recent was the Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society India Launch, where Dave Rogers spoke. (Check out Dave’s speech here)

Just last month Pece signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations toward the nuclear of a planetary citizens assembly. It’s huge stuff about bringing our world together.

Here is where you can help…


The Global Centre for Pluralism has recently launched the Global Pluralism Award to recognize individuals, businesses, academics, civil society and governments who are working to promote more diverse, inclusive societies around the world.

The international jury of experts selecting the awardees is chaired by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada. Awardees will each receive a prize of $50,000 to further their work in support of pluralism.  Nominations until 31 August 2016.

For more information and to nominate a pluralism champion, click here.

So go ahead – you must know someone brilliant in this area. It’s these award nominees that are making the world a better place. I’m very proud of Pece and the work he does but he’s not the only one. There are many and now is time to recognise them.

Check out Global Dialogue Foundation. It’s message may speak to you enough to get involved.

Finally here is a clip for the song I wrote (just after the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001) that was used to launch the World Civil Society India Launch.




Never forget your Dreams and Desires

A long time ago as a teenager I launched a band with my best friend of the time Mike Logan. The band was called Charley Browne. (It was modelled off Cheap Trick – a band who was heavy but pulled fun as well).

We had a top50 hit – toured and released two albums. About 5 years ago our album Power Palace started turning up in rare metal sites. It was on E-Bay and selling for up to 360 Euros. I’d moved on…but when I investigated the band I found fan sites in Cyprus, Argentina, Germany and Brazil. It was nuts… After 30 years we had a cult following.

In 2015, a documentary was done on the band for Rare Albums. You can see it at the bottom of this post:

CB_CD_front-2So I put the band together for the first time in 30 years and did a new album. It has taken us a couple of years to complete – given my schedule and others.. and there are some new members. Charley Browne 2016 is: Joe Tilli (Guitar), Mike Handcock (Guitar), Glen Donaghy (Vocals), Bruce Kerr (Bass), Patrick Kuhtze (Drums). The music was recorded by Dean Kerr and some piano and vocals added by Mal McCallum.

To Celebrate the new album called Resurrection – I want to inspire you with the title track – Resurrection – written by myself and Landi Jac. I’m playing the guitars on it and Glen Donaghy does an amazing job with the vocals.

This song is dedicated to YOU and your DREAMS. It’s time for any dream you had to be realised. It’s time for you to ‘become the person you were meant to be’

This is a Song of Hope. Please Share it on your Facebook or Twitter and inspire others with these lyrics.

‘Break Free, Break Free, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be

Open Up Your Eyes And You Will See’

Charley Browne Documentary: Released May 2015

New Album Cover:

The Album will be released in July 2016. To order simply email me at

New Appointments at Rock Your Life®

Rock Your Life are pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Landi Jac to it’s Advisory Board. Miss Jac brings a power of expertise to the Rock Your Life Senior Team. Having successfully run her own consultancy company with increases of over 300% in recent years Miss Jac’s client list boasts organisations such as Thomson Rueters, SwissAir and most recently the Number#1 ReMax team in the world. IMG_4319

Landi Jac has three degrees including a Masters in Industrial Psychology. Her career has seen her working at home in South Africa, a time in London UK and more recently consulting organisations in over twenty different companies. In 2016, she launched The Consultant Code™ a business focussed on up-skilling consultants across the globe.


Version 2Rock Your Life have also appointed Geoff Dowson as it’s Manager of Sales (National &International) Mr Dowson has a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and since 2007 has run a very successful financial services company based in Johannesburg. Mr Dowson’s role is to build the Rock Your Life sales team nationally and internationally. In addition he will be involved in Rock Your Life’s strategic partners and it’s events and licensing worldwide.

For more information on either of these positions or on Rock Your Life and it’s global activities please respond to Yolanda Brand at

Mike Handcock