On this episode of the Global Intelligence Update, Rainer will be taking us through his journey on:
  • The importance of Keynotes
  • How he structures his business
  • The ability to build incredible relationships with clients
  • What he did to achieve an increase in business during Covid
  • Holograms
More about Rainer Petek-Privat
Rainer is an inspirational speaker, business sparring partner, extreme climber and author.
Rainer started climbing when he was a teenager. By the age of 19 he had already conquered the north face of Grandes Jorasses, one of the most difficult mountaineering challenges of the Alps.
As a professional mountain guide he led numerous clients through extremely difficult climbing routes in the Eastern and Western Alps.
In his keynote presentations, Rainer takes the audience up the ‘north face of business’. He creates mental images that help people better manage challenges and inspires them to start right away.
Rainer has been helping companies define and implement challenging change programmes since 1998. He also helps leadership teams develop the skills needed to manage this new environment. Rainer is the author of several books, with his first ‘The Nordwand Principle’ being a longseller since 2006. “Nordwand” is a symbol for big challenges with a high amount of uncertainty.
For many business leaders, their business ‘north face’ is successfully defining – and then implementing – a new business strategy. The challenges almost always involve people, team dynamics and team performance. Frequently a new mind-set is needed and sometimes a new organizational structure. Rainer adds value as a ‘business sparring partner’ – he challenges, cajoles, inspires and advises in equal measure.
Rainer holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and since 2007 lectures in Leadership for the Executive MBA Program of the Danube University Krems.

Exquisite Customer Service with Mike Handcock

Join Mike Handcock on this Global Intelligence update.
Topic: Getting Customers to Come Back Again and Again
In this session Mike will guide you through the process on how to:
  • Build a Garden not a Venus Fly Trap
  • 3 Upsell methodologies
  • The Philosophy of Great Customer Service

Lead Like Morpheus – Conscious Leadership in a Volatile World with Ian Hatton

On this episode of Global Intelligence Update our guest is Ian Hatton.

Ian will be speaking about

Lead Like Morpheus – Conscious Leadership in a Volatile World.

What you will learn from this session:

· Effective leadership is about raising and sustaining self-governing champions

· Effective leadership is engaging with self to engage champions

· Effective leadership is raising champions to be effective leaders and influencers

· Effective leadership is effectively leading virtual teams of champions


More about Ian: Driven by innovation, Ian Hatton curated a successful IT career – that saw him in a senior marketing leadership role at Microsoft South Africa. In 2002, his fascination with people and leadership led him to reinvent himself as a facilitator, speaker, and writer, resulting in grooming thousands of business leaders in over 75 countries. An expert in authentic connection, Ian’s unique style assists people to understand, influence, and succeed beyond just the numbers. As the creator of Morpheus Genius and Morpheus Leadership, he is a leading authority living and leading from your truest self. Also known as Morpheus, he empowers personal mastery and lasting influence.

Effective Partnerships with Mike Handcock

On this episode of Global Intelligence Update Mike Handcock will be discussing Effective Partnerships.


What you will get from this session:

  • How to establish who are the right partners and why?
  • How to approach and build rapport with the right partners
  • The dating, engagement and marriage game with partners

The Value of Webinars

Mike Handcock will be taking us through The Value of Webinars on this weeks’ session on Global Intelligence Update.  

Mike will be taking you through the journey of:
  1. How to attract high paying clients
  2. How to fill your Webinar
  3. How to position yourself using webinars

Mind Mastery: Reinvent your life

Our guest on Global Intelligence update is Sonia Samtani.  Sonia will be discussing

Mind Mastery: Reinterpret your life
  • Understand how your mind works
  • Gain tools to change your past and live more consciously in the present
  • Learn the key to living a life of excellence (or a life of peace)
More about Sonia:
Sonia Samtani is the founder of All About You, a leading mental wellness centre in Hong Kong offering therapy, training, workshops, and personalised healing products. Sonia is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy instructor, NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Family Constellation Facilitator, Regression Therapist, and Public Speaking Coach.
Sonia is a sought-after mental health expert and public speaker. She has been leading workshops since 2005, and designed several courses to facilitate deep healing and conscious living. Sonia has been featured twice on TedX, and has been featured on Vogue, Tatler, Cosmopolitan, TimeOut, Jessica and MarieClaire. At the end of 2020 Sonia launched her book called “52 thoughts for Conscious Living”, which is available on Amazon. Sonia’s vision is to empower individuals with simple, yet powerful tools to navigate through the ups and downs of life with acceptance, so that they can tune into the magnificence of who they are.

Consumer Psychology

Landi Jac is joining us on the Global Intelligence Update. She will be discussing the fascinating topic of: Consumer Psychology 🧠
Landi will be uncovering:
  • Why it is more important than ever to read your buyers mind
  • Noticeable consumer behaviour trends

A World of Belonging – A Human Approach

Hani du Toit will be our guest this week on the Global Intelligence Update.  Hani will be talking about A world of Belonging – A Human Approach.

She will share her Knowledge and Intelligence on:
  • Alternatives to being Right
  • The Secret to co-creating true Belonging
  • Uncovering diversity as an access to connection

**About: **Hani is an Inclusion specialist, Conversational Intelligence Coach and founder of The Leadership Factory. She holds qualifications from UCT, UWC, Cambridge University and Worlds Business Executive Coaching. She was recently selected as a facilitator for UN Women, empowering leaders in war torn countries. Hani is passionate about building bridges, sparking connection and creating belonging among people who perceive themselves as inherently different, incompatible and unequal. She is inspired by the possibility of a world in which people can own their diversity while being curious and celebratory of each other’s personal and ethnic history, their lived experiences and their vision, their failures and successes and then dream and think in partnership toward the solutions they long for. She is the author of Just Like Me, a children’s book recognised by Wits University as a model for writing about inclusion for children, and creator of A World of Belonging, her signature program which unpacks her coaching framework, HUMAN.

The Formula for Motivation and getting the toys you denied yourself in the past

On this episode of Global Intelligence Update Mike Handcock will discuss The Formula for motivation and getting the toys you denied yourself in the past.

In this session Mike will discuss:
🏆 Formula for Motivation
🏆 How to upgrade your house in 1 year
🏆 The reason you don’t believe

Global Intelligence Update with Paul ter Wal

We are excited to have Paul ter Wal on this weeks’ Global Intelligence Update.
He will be discussing: How to deal with work stress in corona-times and how to stay engaged.
What you will get from Paul’s session:
a. Focus on your purpose (again): a crisis can mess up your purpose: get it clear.
b. Connect again with your connected core-values/non-negotiables: be honest to yourself and others on what your limits are.
c. Walk 30 minutes a day (at least) and meditate: find your (inner)peace and take back control
A bit more about Paul:
Paul ter Wal, LL.M CSP FPSA, started as a company lawyer in 1982, turned Human Capital Consultant, employability expert and work health architect. He’s been successfully consulting, speaking and training business executives (C-level) and HR-professionals in this area for more than 35 years. Paul is a Certified Speaking Professional and Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. Paul is the 2019 -2020 President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), a worldwide federation of Associations of professional speakers: with more than 6.000 members. Working with both employers and employees, Paul creates Work happiness, engagement and accountability. His focus is on finding the ‘non-negotiables’ that represent the core values of both the individual and the organization. This enhances employee engagement and organizational success – a true ‘win-win’ relationship. Paul created the Value-to-Profit model in 2016 to give organisations a roadmap for implementing a more productive environment: the 7-keys to Human Capital Engagement.