Fixing dating and creating the future of love, with Lovego® with Kate Raynes-Goldie

On the Global Intelligence Update this week we had the joy of having Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie.


She spoke about: Fixing dating and creating the future of love, with Lovego®


In this inspiring session you will hear more about:

  • Find out about a new and revolutionary dating method for bold, professional women… powered by LEGO® bricks
  • Discovery how you can apply this method in building trust and understanding, in both personal and professional relationships
  • Find out about how to join the Lovego® revolution


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Helping different People Differently with Mike Handcock

This week on Worldwide Business Intelligence Mike Handcock Discusses Helping different People Differently.


Out of this session, you will learn:

  • How to read a person under 1 minute
  • How to understand someone’s dominant buying motive
  • The Law of Opposites

More about Mike Handcock:


Mike Handcock is a remarkable individual with the unique ability to take hand-selected entrepreneurs from their current state to their desired state. As the Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, Mike has built a brand and reputation as a highly respected business professional, mentor and maverick who is well travelled to over 108 countries.

With a heart and powerful message for conscious business leaders, Mike has been performing massively as a professional speaker on world stages. As a pioneering and award-winning entrepreneur, Mike has built a career that benefits thousands of entrepreneurs with his message that advocates, making a difference is as important as making a profit.

Mike’s mission is to build the number one team of conscious leaders on earth through the Circle of Excellence Group and its associated companies. His vision for the world coupled with incredible business acumen, unique life experiences, and sacred wisdom guarantees powerful keynotes to his audiences. His ability to transform mindsets from the stage is backed by a Global Speaking Fellow accreditation at the highest level in the industry, multiple awards in speaking, including receiving a presidential award from the Global Speakers Federation for excellent service to the industry.

His tenacity coupled with deep market knowledge and over 40 years of commercial and cultural exposure worldwide has equipped Mike with the knowledge and wisdom to successfully lead five international companies. His achievements in industry have made him a game-changing pacesetter who is making significant contributions as a sought-after board member of numerous cooperations. In 2020, Mike received the APAC Eco-Conscious Leadership Development Award.

Mike is a best-selling author of books in leadership, professional development and now truth-seeking novels, making much-needed shifts in the business and life strategies of entrepreneurs, cooperations and truth-seekers alike. Mike has also launched two brand new books in 2020 – “Conscious Leadership” as well as “Entrepreneur X-Factor 2nd Edition” – both are Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

He plays and produces rock music for his own business events, which he shares with selected audiences during his travels.

How to Build a Personal Brand & Become a Thought Leader in Your Space with Liv Conlon

Liv Conlon joined us on the Global Social Media Summit and spoke about: How to Build a Personal Brand & Become a Thought Leader in Your Space.


What you will learn from this session:

  • How to Define Your Brand Story & Message
  • How to Create a Supercharged Content Strategy that attracts clients who are dying to work with you
  • How to be Consistently Featured in International Publications

More about Liv:

Not many people can say they’ve started two successful businesses from scratch, built a £1m brand in their teens, travel the world speaking internationally, had dinner with the Prime Minister & won 10 national & international business and entrepreneur awards. And even fewer people can say they’ve done all that – and so much more – before they were 21-years-old. CEO & Founder Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, tenacious and entrepreneurial to her core left school aged 16 & founded her first business ThePropertyStagers. At 19 she built a £1m brand in an industry that was in it’s infancy so Liv knows a thing or two about building a scalable internationally recognizable business & personal brand.



3 Big Keys To Winning With YouTube For Business with Kate Pearl Goddard

Kate Pearl Goddard discusses the 3 Big Keys To Winning With YouTube For Business.


In this session you can expect to learn more about:

  • Niching To GROW And Getting YouTube To Love You
  • BulletKnow Your Value And Know Your Viewer
  • BulletTypes Of Videos EVERY YouTube Channel Should Have

Kate Pearl Goddard is an entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker. Combining 5 years of performing arts experience including but by no means limited to featuring on both national radio & TV and 10 years, experience in technology, sales & marketing, I help entrepreneurs use video and YouTube to grow their business and boost the brand. The real result of working with me is that business owners and entrepreneurs can be visible where their ideal clients and raving fans are already looking for them and they feel super confident in their authority, they raise their profile, posture, credibility, and crucially, their bottom line.

Go Online to take People Offline and create a Money Train. – Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock guides us through the process of Going online to take people offline and create a Money train.


In this session you will learn:

  • The best strategies to approach someone cold in an online environment
  • How to create a funnel system that averages $92 for each LinkedIn friend acceptance
  • Utilising the MONEY TRAIN™ strategy in building social media funnel systems

So, you need to pivot your business? The minefield of Websites, Digital, SEO, Social media . How to avoid costly mistakes?

Cathy Mellett joins us on the Global Social Media Summit and shares her knowledge on: So, you need to pivot your business? The minefield of Websites, Digital, SEO, Social media . How to avoid costly mistakes


Cathy Mellett, Keynote Speaker and Digital Marketing Consultant, has been working in the information services industry since 1989, even before the Internet as we know it was around. That gives her an unrivaled body of experience to support client’s online aspirations in an ever-changing digital world. Having already spent 20 years in both advisory and management capacities in information services, Cathy founded Net Branding in 2009. Recognising Social Media’s potential for businesses early. Today, Net Branding provides integrated online solutions to help businesses make more of their marketing opportunities across the digital sphere. “With a strategic and operational management background, I was well aware that the internet was a means to an end; that the underlying business objectives that fuel your foray into the ‘world of the internet’ are the ultimate driver for your business.”


Click here to get your website anaylises done by Net Branding:

Build a Global Social Media Presence with Landi Jac

Landi Jac shares Worldwide Business Intelligence on How to build a Global Social Media presence at the Global social media summit.


Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, part of a conglomerate of 5 international companies that has now touched the lives of over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology with Cum Laude and consults with numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.


As Editor in Chief for LEAD Magazine, Landi shares the success stories of her extensive international audience to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their next-level business potential. Landi focusses her unique business intelligence across the globe and has consulted to the likes of Presidents of the Global Speakers Federation, Award-Winning Inventors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold-Medalists, Sports Celebrities, Award-Winning Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Gamers and Educational Moguls.


Landi loves growing leaders from exotic places such as the annual Business School in Bali, as well as prestigious Platinum Masterminds held in castles, resorts and cruises. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the International Institute of Professional Consultants.

How to make money in the next 30 days online

Mike Handcock spoke to four experts during the Global Social Media Summit 2020.  The live panel discussion was around the topic of How to make money in the next 30 days online.  Social Media experts Renier Lombard, Leanne Coste, Rickus Jacobs and Nikola Potgieter shared their knowledge and expertise around various social media platforms, what to do for your brand and how to stand-out from the rest. 

Leaders of 2020

Landi Jac – Managing Editor of LEAD Magazine ( showcases the upcoming magazine and the leaders that have made a massive difference across the world despite Co-Vid.

  • Graeme Clegg – Chairman New Image Health – on his journey from sheep shearer to an OBE for his services to health
  • Sarah Belkner – The Artists Journey as an Entrepreneur
  • Paul ter Wal – The Future of the Speaking Industry
  • Philippe Guichard – $200M designer and TedX Revolutionary
  • Omran Matar – Doing Business in Russia in 2020
  • Lenora Billing-Harris – The formula for Inclusivity
  • Dr Nilda Perez – Packaging and Designing Your Future Self
  • Filipo Levi – Samoan Rugby & Leadership: The HAKA formula
  • Herve Franceschi – Horse Whispering and CEO Leadership
  • Kris Ericksen – The Life & Purpose of an Award-Winning Designer
  • Meng Chwen – Young Entrepreneur X Factor – Gen Z
  • Hani Du Toit – Diversity rocks but Inclusion rules
  • Pece Goegievski – Creating Global Dialogue

This action-packed hour gives a snapshot into some of the brilliance from these individuals. You can read it all at 




The Construct of Energy

Mike Handcock talks about how we need to change the way we see Buiness and the world based on the Construct of energy. He shares some deep ancient wisdom, sacred sites you can check out and how what you may have learned is no longer going to serve you.